The Type Of Business I Believe In

There is this famous quote from the founder of Mindvalley

Businessmen do it for the money - True entrepreneurs do it to push humanity forward


“Businessmen do it for the money, Real Entrepreneurs do it to push humanity forward”

= Social Benefit Business


If you want the short version, this is what I believe and a Real Entrepreneur is all I’m trying to be & LAST-X is my attempt to make a Social Benefit Business. Period.


But if you want my personal take on how to do business in the 21st century, here is my point of view:

Ps. You can find a clear definition of a Social Benefit Business halfway through.



My Point Of View

A business is what we call those who provide a buying option to a demand in the market successfully.

It serves as a function in the market, where it fills out a demand in the market well.

This serves as a benefit to the market and the owner(s) of the company.

But how much does it really benefit the market? The market is some of us / a part of our society.

But if the business only fills out a gap in the market for a ‘Non-vital product’ while tearing and depleting OUR collective PLANET’s Resources, The Planet We Call HOME, then that business is a parasite.

No Company or individual should benefit above Our Society, because the society is US.

When I say benefit, it’s not specifically money. Doing business comes with a risk and the high salaries business owners can take is called the risk-reward. A reward for how well the business is doing compared to market standard. Because after all, the founders take all the risk and it is risky doing business, take the Corona pandemic as an example which wiped out so many people’s life work.

The benefit I’m talking about is a functional benefit. As a market, we buy a product if we think the benefit of the product is greater than the benefit of the money it costs.

But if the companies we buy from behind the scenes destroy our planet while making themselves rich, then we lose and they lose, but we don’t lose equally. Because in this scenario, money serves a function.

Money can be used to barricade and ensure safety for the owner, while the rest of the planet is haunted by the troublesome living with climate change/severe weather conditions and a dying ocean.

Many people’s livelihood lives on the foundation of the ocean. Fishermen from villages all around the world – no I’m not talking about fishing as an industry but as a fundamental way of living. Those who don’t have the functionality of having money to buy different foods when their fishing equipment shows up empty.


“But Im serving the Society with a supply they demand”

Haha, yeah, no.

If your product does not make people’s lives better, then you are just using neuro-marketing tactics to hook people and provide people with an arbitrary choice, or worse, you have just convinced people that they need your crap to feel special – you are just exploiting people’s vulnerability.

Yes, the market bought your stupid product, but OUR Society and Planet lost while Businessmen won because of the function money provides in this scenario where OUR Planet is left dying as a matter of fact.

I simply cannot live with myself if my business had this kind of unequal benefit and devastating impact on OUR Home. (That is why LAST-X is a Social Benefit Business, we aim to benefit society and make our lives more sustainable, and leave a Green footprint.

Definition of a social benefit business: Prioriting social and environmental impact alongside financial goals. Its primary objective is to create a positive impact on society or the environment, while also generating revenue to sustain the business. Unlike traditional businesses, social benefit businesses prioritize creating positive social and environmental outcomes over maximizing profits for shareholders.
They aim to create long-term, sustainable solutions to social and environmental challenges while also demonstrating that it is possible to do well financially while doing good for society and the planet.

No Player is Greater Than The TEAM.

No Company or individual should benefit above Society, because the society is US & Our Home comes 1st.

So yes, a business is a unit that serves a function in society but is OUR PLANET the one who suffers in this Deal?

And if OUR PLANET SUFFERS, then the Owners of those 19th-century-style businesses really don’t deserve to be benefitted above Our Society, which is US, you & I.

Businesses have a Responsibility and a huge one for our planet.

What I dream about as an individual; is leaving the Planet for my children cleaner, greener, and more sustainable than I found it. But I don’t think Im alone here.

But individuals shouldn’t be the first to make their own CO2 footprint from negative to positive, business should be leading that transition as an example because of the impact they have on this planet!

Unfortunately, 19-century businesses driven to maximize economic gain don’t change if WE/the market don’t change by what we demand from businesses.

Mother Earth leases out a space for a company to do business, the Very Least you can do as a businessman is to pay a sustainable rent, otherwise We All Lose.

In my eyes, this is the  1st thing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR or ESG) serious business should live up to. Pay a sustainability rent that makes your company CO2 neutral. Otherwise, it’s unsustainable. (More on this topic here: Can you build a truly sustainable product without repaying for the cost of manufacturing?)

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t operate this way and this is why we have Entrepreneurs, to fix what is wrong and to push humanity forward!

We just have too few Real Entrepreneurs…

Us who do physical product business is granted this opportunity through Mother Nature’s Resources, this also counts the Plastics industry because Plastic is made from Oil.

When we are doing business from OUR Collective Resources, we have a DUTY to compensate for the Collective Loss by giving more back than we take.

A Business that doesn’t do this, has decided that they should benefit more from this deal than US.

Businessmen do business to maximize money, and I think that maximizing earnings while WE Loose (Our Planet) is a Loser’s Game and a 19th-century style of doing business, which unfortunately is the dominant way businesses operate because Wallstreet only cares about making their own pockets fat and taking all they can for themselves. This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t have major Consequences For OUR Planet,  to pay rent to do business from Our Planet’s Resources is the only right thing to do!

And if you as a business owner haven’t realized this, I don’t think you’re sober. Because you’re intoxicated by an evil spell disguised as money.


I believe it is fair that owners get higher work compensation(salaries) because they and I carry the risk of doing business. But that doesn’t give Anyone the right to Exploit OUR Resources while transforming them into money without paying rent first.

Rent for the company’s housing here on Planet Earth should be a SUSTAINABLE DEAL FOR THE PLANET.

This means you water the Planet so it doesn’t Dry Out for your kids.

I understand that if you take sand for example from Mother Earth to build your product, you can’t deliver more sand back, but the least I think you can do is to Cover the CO2 bill for your company’s footprint.

This is the 21st century – act accordingly!


Truly yours,
David & Eggsy, Revolutionaries.