Are Businessmen Criminals?

“Money makes a man and that’s a crime” – No Guns Allowed, Snoop Dogg.


If Gangsters run their operations like a business, which is to maximize profits. Are Businessmen then criminals in disguise?


Traditional 19th-century style of doing business, (which is still how most companies operate today) only has 1 goal: To maximize profit.

Even businesses we (used to) trust like banks, all get caught in their money laundering practices! If a 19th-century bank haven’t been exposed yet, is probably only a matter of time.

Child labor is prohibited nationally and in the west, that is also why most production happens in developing countries. Big corporations just move their facility to low-income/low-regulation countries.

Money-maximizing corporations circumvent the rules all the time…

Imagine this:

Government: “We have a CO2/Pesticide-usage/GMO/Harsh chemicals/Fishing quote here, which is illegal to surpass!”

Big Corporations “Yeah, but luckily you have no surveillance police in our industry so we will take our chances.
– we can handle a potential economical penalty because of the profit benefit of maximizing in a field with no real police to stop us, that is just a risk too stupid not to take advantage of.”…

Our Oceans make up 70% of the earth’s surface, and yet we only have 1 police boat dedicated to stopping overfishing.

97% of protected area is exploited

Do you think we have a ‘soil experts police patrol’ to send out and analyze an industrial farmer’s soil for the usage of GMO or illegal Pesticides uses?

How about a chemical analysis team to stop the use of harsh chemicals in production facilities? And who makes sure the facility doesn’t flush out their used harsh chemicals in the toilet? Symbolically speaking. Or even worse:

Water pollution into the ocean

95% of clothing of bamboo(which is by nature a really hard material) gets washed and soaked in harsh chemicals until there is almost no trace left of bamboo. The 5% of actual bamboo clothing, is not really as soft as you might think.
(Thanks for enlightening me Gittemary Johansen, sustainability researcher & conscious living advocate on YouTube.)


Insider information on a certification standard

An insight I got at the 2. largest production facility in the nation which had many suppliers globally to supply them with the components they needed for the final product. I spoke with my colleague who was in charge of quality in the facility I worked, she said: “Everyone can get certified and run a high production standard when they get visited after an appointment with the certifier. But once the Mass Production starts, the quality gets significantly worse”.

This was said by an inside B2B consumer & inspector of the quality delivered. They had dealt with the same quality issues over and over again with multiple suppliers over decades of dealing with the suppliers.


The dark reality I saw with my own eyes

Even if a business complies with national environmental protection laws, it is not prohibited to outsource the production to a developing country where they don’t have the same environment-friendly regulations.

Do you really think employee salary is the only reason most products are produced in Asia?

As an employee of a department still at the 2. largest production company in the nation, my colleagues and I were to several outsourcing meetings held for our department.

They showed us pictures of the production facility where they were about to start producing the same product we were producing at the moment.

And in 1 picture, we all saw something terrible!

Denmark has quite advanced environmental regulations in place, so although our production machinery was about 60 years old or so, every machine was equipped with an air filtration system. But what we saw on that 1 photo was that: Where our machinery had individual filtration systems, they only had one for the entire facility. Their system for fresh air was called windows and they had exactly ZERO filters. The dirty smoke just went straight up into our atmosphere!

And this is a; TOTALLY LEGAL PRACTICE, because it complies with not-so-strict foreign national environmental law…


This left me with a quite disturbed mind & I came to the following conviction

I think businessmen are criminals, not just because the majority of big business ignores environmental protection laws, but because their maximizing economic gain leads to ‘shady practices’ and I think that is a crime to human morals, ethics, and values!

Therefore I couldn’t agree more with Snoop Dogg, if money makes a man, that is a crime! It’s a crime to his own soul. But unfortunately, most people have become strangers to their own soul and there is no punishment except regret in the best-case scenario.

Money makes a business but if the only focus of the man/woman running the business is to maximize money, then it’s a decease to good manners and a spiritual declarant of bankruptcy.

Although the 19th-century style of doing business was created by men, no one is holy and every soul can fall for the blinding temptation and blinding nature of money.

The CEO (Woman) of Bet365 which is an online gambling site for sports bets. I know from a personal fact, that they ban people who beat them at their own game.

Bet365 has created its own sports betting game which hooks people’s brains neuro-chemically to keep playing and eventually drain people from money. And then comes a Righteousness Crusader like me and drains their money by outplaying them at their own game and boom, banned from the bet365 betting side for winning too much.

Physical casinos don’t make their own game, but they decide who is allowed to play. Here as well have people been kicked out for winning too much. Because there is one overshadowing rule: At the end of the day, the house always wins.

Sorry, but I can’t help myself from thinking that the “I win – you lose” (which is an ego-driven mentality) or the spiritually corrupted CEO has sold their soul to the devil’s blinding spell disguised as money.

So help me god.


Eggsy & Arthim was here,
The Revolutionaries



Businessmen do it for the Money, True Entrepreneurs do it to Push Humanity Forward!

– Vishen Lakhiani


The things you buy are a vote for which businesses you want to share your future with. I just thought you should have some insight into their shady practices in order for you to make informed decisions.

After all it’s YOUR choice, and even though it’s tough to navigate we can’t escape the fact that as consumers we vote for businesses every time we buy, and we/our kids have to live with the consequences of that.
Im not saying you shouldn’t buy stuff, Im just saying that when you do I hope it’s a company that not only has a certain certificate but one that actually gives back to OUR PLANET and our Society/US ♥

– David A.
The Revolutionaries.