Can you build a TRULY Sustainable product without repaying the cost of manufacturing?

Care for our planet

A material product has a material cost and a CO2 emissions cost. But how can any product be sustainable in the long-term, if it doesn’t give more back than it takes to produce it? If a product doesn’t have an overall green impact, I can’t see how we can be able to sustain it. Because a net-negative impact isn’t sustainable.

The only TRUE Sustainable products I see are; organic food, plants & products made of wood from sustainable forestry (FSC), and CO2-neutral manufacturing. That’s it. I can’t see how any other products can be sustainable and I especially can’t see how any business that doesn’t repay its negative-CO2-emissions-impact can rightfully call a product “sustainable”. Because the process of the product’s manufacturer isn’t able to sustain their impact long-term.

I don’t know about you, but in my eyes, a product can ONLY be sustainable if it comes from a business that gives more than it takes because that is the only sustainable thing to do.

If it can’t go on forever, it’s not sustainable.

And that is the only thing I’m trying to do with my businesses. Give more than I take. Because in my eyes, that is the ONLY RESPONSIBLE thing to do!



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