If Big Businesses are the problem, why start a Business?

It breaks my heart that the truth isn’t enough to make us care enough about solving the issues haunting humanity.

It truly seems like we are trying to outlive our problems instead of caring enough to change them.

Ignoring the issues haunting humanity is a lack of love for the society we live in, ourselves, our children and the planet we are borrowing from our children.

It truly is a weak cowardly display of character from those who are supposed to lead us!

Those we depend on will do the Right thing for Society (Us).

They have lead us down countless times and continue to do so.

“The Game Is Rigged” – George Carlin

So now we are giving our kids the burden of fixing it while we ignore the fact that it might be too late for them to fix it because the dominoes of the tipping points have started irreversible change.

I have had enough of this shit! I don’t know about you.

This Social Benefit Business is for those who know, that being strong and standing up to polluting business is the warrior heart our generation & the next needs!

There is no honor in living on your knees.

Ignorance is a move only played by the weak.

What we choose to do will be our legacy.

And the only power we have is in unity.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

Is your heart big enough to care for more than yourself?

 If so, prove it.

Stand Up 4 What You Believe In.

Or you are just as bad as those greenwashing corporations or integrity lacking politicians, that knows the right thing to say but not the right thing to do.


What we need from business

If there is one takeaway from the 19th-century style of business, it is that without constantly advertising to stay in Top-of-Mind Awareness, Society will forget.

This is the big advantage a business has over scientific discoveries and Non-profits.

A model where all of the effort/money doesn’t go to fund a specific task, but also to grow awareness about the challenge of the task that the business is solving.

Business and capitalism are undoubtedly the foundation our entire Society is built on top of. Without businesses, we couldn’t afford to live the way we do.

Well, isn’t the way we live the reason we have environmental problems?

Yes and no.

Overconsumption and greed is the reason we have an environmental crisis.

But Society’s overconsumption is not the leading cause of our climate catastrophe!

When the entire world was on lockdown, we only reduced global carbon emissions by 7%.

Therefore the sustainable shift has to come from the businesses that are polluting like mad.

Although I believe environmental organizations are invaluable, they simply can’t keep up with the polluting bastard 19th century businesses.

We simply need structural change, and allowing businesses to operate as normal, isn’t going to create the change we need.

Although any donations to our environment are great, it doesn’t fix the root cause of the problem which is untamed capitalism and profit over the planet / people.

We need to tackle the root cause of our problems in order to solve them.

Relying on voluntary donations creates a dangerous model, because we will always need more donations because the problem is simply bigger than infrequent gestures here and there.

And therefore we become dependent on voluntary donations of good hearted people or even worse those who created this mess when they need to polish their image.

This is a dooms model!

It is not fair to exploit good-hearted people, while the greedy people continue as madmen.

Because Today’s Capitalism Makes The Most Greedy The Winner….

We need to create a fair new structure, where everyone is charged in proportion to the societal and environmental harm they commit.

We need to pay rent for the wear and tear we commit while borrowing the land to operate on.

There has to be introduced a rent “Tax” to operate (A Rent Payment 2 Mother Earth).

It neutralizes the dangerous dependency of “philanthropic” giving.

But of cause, all profit-centric (ego-centric) businesses will work against this.

The 19th Century Businesses will rather occasionally give back. But the giving-hand can never equalize the taking-hand in a profit-centric business.

We are just pushing the necessary adjustment into the future every day we don’t have a rent “Tax”.


And for the record. Just because it is a business on paper (because SBB’s does exist on legal papers yet) don’t for a second believe that I don’t run it as a Social Benefit Business where Social Benefit comes before business, because it’s the only model I want to operate as, SBB FTW!

Let’s make the dinosaur 19th-Century Business Model obsolete!

If you sing this form, your signature becomes an asteroid.

Let’s make it rain on The Dinosaur Bastards!