In taking Radical Action, you must accept the possibility that you might be wrong in your approach. Because Traditionally it has been done the same way because it works (in the short-term at least).

But the 19th-century style of business as usual, is also why we have so much pollution. Whether you talk about the air we breathe or the sea we are dependent upon.

So yes, I might be wrong in my approach, but personally, I think it’s more wrong for me not to try to change the path that we are on which whips out The Animal Kingdom we share our home with by a heartbreaking 69%.

Or the Natural World with The Vital but Highly Climate Change Vulnerable Coral Reefs which are our most threatened Eco-Systems.

It covers 1% of Our Home Planet but produces more Oxygen/Clean air to breathe than all of our Rainforests.

But of course, we have cut down 3 trillion trees to sell them for a profit and plant monoculture (single plant) plantations also for a profit by harvesting them again and again which we call agriculture. Reducing OUR Rainforests by 50%.

Oh yeah, and our Corals are also down by 50% worldwide (80% in The Caribbean).

A massive reduction in freshwater animal populations by over 80%.

Fish populations essential for food and jobs have crashed by 50% in 40 years.

We have Lost 40% of the Arctic Ice in 40 years.

Our Oceans store 90% of the CO2 we have produced, masking our impact, but leading to an Ocean Acidification increase by 40%.

All contributing to a massive decline in critical Bio-diversity, ending where we started at a 69% decline.


Anything We Can’t Do Forever Is By Definition Unsustainable & Anything We Can Not Do Forever Puts OUR SURVIVAL At Risk.

You may think my approach is too extreme, but we clearly need a way out of this Unsustainable Kamikaze Downward Spiral of Destruction. FAST!

Don’t you think?

The 6th MASS EXTINCTION and the numbers above have largely been recorded since the 1970s-ish.

Meaning this MASS Extinction has only taken us 50-ish years to generate and I will live to see the consequences of willful blindness/ignorance over the next 50 years. And so will you, probably.

So sorry, I get a little emotional and crazy in my approach, but this SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!

And I haven’t even mentioned tipping points yet, or points of NO Return…

This is why I’m a little extreme and I encourage you to make a decision you know will come out anyways, so why not decide today?

Are you a part of the problem or a Part Of The Solution?

If you buy from a competitor that actually gives back hopefully (if you can find them..) because you don’t like my tactic, you are still a Part Of The Solution, because you decided to be more sustainable, by choosing a reusable substitute to Single-Use Shit.

Im not asking you to buy my products, Im asking you to make a decision and back it up with actions.

But if you do buy a reusable alternative, because you care about Our Home, then know that I don’t see any competitors that donate as much as LAST-X does to Restore Our Home Planet.

They might be more fashionable, designer-artsy-fartsy and less extreme in their approach, for whatever that matters.
Maybe it does matter to you, I don’t judge you. But forgive me for saying, that I would feel very guilty for witnessing what the problems are & choosing to ignore them.

You will probably live to see the consequences of your choices, so you can decide that for yourself.

Take Care Of Yourself & Your Future,

Peace Out‚ô•

– David, The Revolutionaries‚ô•

Plastic Choking Our Oceans & Animals