We Fight Back At Mass Polluting Businesses!

‘Part Of The Solution’ is a Sustainable Revolution.

Capitalist’s ‘Profit Over Planet’ is The Pollution.

The Solution: Turn Capitalism Into a ‘Competition of Generosity’ Instead of a game where the most greedy wins…!
Last-x will be a 1-stop-shop for ALL Single-Use Substitutes while Giving at least 5% of Sales Back to Regrow Our Home.

But We Want To Expand Our 1Shop Vision,
To a Full-House Product Competition.

Crushing The Unsustainable Capitalist Coalition!
But We Need You As Part Of Our Mission.

We Are Just a Part Of The Solution,
Together We Create This Sustainable Revolution!

You Are The Other Part Of The Solution
To The Capitalists Pollution.

Can’t You See?

Together, You & Me, We Can Make History!

The ‘Part Of The Solution’ / Sustainable Revolution with ALL it’s Champions 4 Change(people like you) has made this Impact!

– Updates Every Yearly Quarter.


Weight in PET-Bottles

Plastic Waste Pounds

Plastic Waste Kilo


A Social Benefit Business (SBB) is designed to Benefit Society.


The 19th-century style of business is to Max $$$. This profit(ego)-centric behaviour leads to neglect of environmental Responsibility.
A ’19th-century business’ only benefits itself while sacrificing Our Home Planet, Society / Us.
LAST-X is a Rebellious Opposition 2 this Cynical 19th-century business style.


Our #1 Priority is to Give More Than We Take.

It’s the Fundamental DNA of LAST-X which represents my values & we will be honored to represent Your Values & Sustainable Vision if they align.


NO Product is NOT Even Slightly Sustainable if nothing is given back. 99% of todays “Sustainable products” are nothing but a LIE. There is NOTHING Sustainable about it; if nothing is given back. Todays “Sustainable product” is nothing but a Greenwashing Scam they sell you….

It should be called “less damaging products” but its far from Sustainable, don’t let them fool you!



External World Mission

For a decade+ The Automobile Industry lobbied against making cars safer, actively contributing to thousands if not millions of preventable deaths, until a Scandinavian brand (Volvo) finally had some sense and decided to do what everyone knew was the right thing to do and installed a seat belt.

Seatbelts quickly became a standardized requirement for All car manufacturers.

We want to be the Eco version of that!

Turning a Sick Game where the most greedy wins (Capitalism) into a Competition of Generosity.

A 180-degree Sustainable Revolution of Capitalism.

A Competition 2 Give Back 2 Mother Earth & The People.

Because what is Right, is Right, even if nobody else is doing it.

We Lead by example & donate 5% of sales as a rent-payment to Mother Earth.

Because Everyone knows that paying rent is the right thing to do.

Even the industries fighting against it by putting profit over human lives.

They know, they are just choosing to fight it because money is more important to them.

This is when we know money has Bankrupted their Spirit!

They turned from human spirit to cold-hearted machines with their money first priority….

Machines Run Our World & It’s a Fucking Disease!

Today’s Capitalism is a Disgrace 2 Humanity!

– Arthim, The Revolutionaries.

A few more words about The People’s Sustainable Revolution

A Vision of a Climate Turnaround & How Nature Can Bounce Back,
If We Unite Behind ‘Part Of The Solution‘s Attack

It All Starts Here,

But You & Me Can Knock This Out Of The Stratosphere!

Once People Decide 2 Join in, We Can Win.

By Watering This Social Benefit Business Seed, This Is How The People Will Succeed!

Once The Fruits Of This Loving Tree Is Ready 2 Harvest In A Sustainable Way,
New Seedlings Will Be Planet 2 Fit Your Everyday.

To House Every Product You Can Think Of Anyway.

The 1Shop Will Be Expanded.

When Part Of The Solution is Demanded.

A Full-Color Palette Of Physical Products To Be Candid.


So Choosing a Part Of The Solution

Is Always Within Your Resolution.

When You Need A Product 2 Fit Your Swagger, You Can Count On Me, I Will Be The Product Packer.

At Least 5% To Regrow Our Home Planet Will Grow As Well.

This Is The Only Solution
To Combat Capitalist’s Mass Pollution.

Do you want to be a Part Of The Solution?

& Co-create The People’s Sustainable Revolution!

Can’t You See?

This Revolution Is Meant 2 Be,

Started By People Like You & Me.

Together We Command Climate Victory!

Why I created LAST-X


WE CAN NOT GO ON with this wishful thinking that the government will solve it or that the Mass (Plastic) Polluters gets a significant penalty for their pollution.

They Lobby the government, so no change-making penalty will ever be given.


WE NEED to Make a Significant Change in our (plastic) Consumption to have the Impact we need on This Planet TO TURN THIS  Ever Accelerating Rocketship of Mass (Plastic) Pollution AROUND! (Plastic Pollution is on course to double by 2030! Click 4 Proof↵)

Polluting Corporations have to change or they have to die out. But these businesses will keep production running as long as there is a market for it.


The only way to DEMAND CHANGE in companies’ products is by a shift in the market.

Until now, this is barely possible because today’s “sustainability” is a lie.
A Company that doesn’t Give Back for Every Single Product Sold is unsustainable.

So here is the catch, it makes what you buy YOUR VOTE for which companies You Want to Grow & Follow you into YOUR FUTURE!

This gives YOU the power to VOTE FOR CHANGE through the businesses you support.


So… Are you a part of the problem or a #PartOfTheSolution ?

We Want to be a stick in the wheel for Mass Polluters – are you with us?