Our Beliefs

Our Mission is to Turbo Boost an Environmental Sustainable Revolution as well as a Societal Sustainable Revolution.

Diving into the Root cause of our Current Unsustainable Model, one thing becomes clear.

How the Elites Lobby “our” Government has to stop!

If not, it is US, The People who Suffers the Consequences.

As long as WE Allow this to go on, We are on a path to Environmental Disaster & Societal chaos.

Sorry to be blunt, but if WE don’t actively choose a side, We will lose.

Divided We Will Fall, United We Have The Power.

“The Truth Is, If We Don’t Take On The Tyrannical Corporations Who Have Taken Over Our Politics Today, We Will Not Have A Liveable Planet 4 Our Children Tomorrow” Matt Kennard, author of ‘Silent Coup’ – How Corporations Overthrew Democracy. View it here: Change Media


All I Want 2 Be Is A Part Of The Solution,

To The Problem In Our Government Institution.

Which Have Gotten Infiltrated By The Capitalists Pollution.

We Need A Peoples Revolution!

This Is A Part Of The Solution.

We Want A Sustainable Revolution!


Political Beliefs

A True Democracy can't exist while lobbying is legal (Make This Corruption Stop Immediately)

History has shown us this so many times that I have lost count..

Wait a second!

Too much lobbying

Nope sorry, not even a Chat GTP’s ability to process billions of words in a single second can count them all….


Businesses should pay Rent for their Wear & Tear committed during their "rented period" on Planet Earth

Rent paid for the wear & tear of Mother Nature 2 Mother Nature through Regrowth Continuous Systematic Rent-Payments.

This is an anti-exploitation & anti-greed prevention.

True Responsibility, Undoubtedly Fair.


That is why LAST-X donates 5% of Sales to various Green Non-profit Organizations.

5% of sales to Regrow What Sustains our Life on Earth is a cheap bargain to ensure a Liveable Tomorrow.

And a cheap bargain to Eliminate Climate Anxiety.

In today’s market, we have paid a 5% price increase over & over & over again to Greedy Corporations Way too many times. 

Surely the right thing to do is that This Time a price increase of 5% should go to Regrow Mother Nature, Our Only Home!

Many many things have doubled, tripled or quadrupled in price since the beginning of the 2000s, surely we can donate 5% of that Universally across all sectors to Regrow Our Home Planet.

It would only be selfish, greedy, narcissists who are Against this proposal. 

I’m perfectly aware that businesses have spent those 5% over & over & over again.

But You can take ALL Your Excuses with you all the way to Hell, you profit-centric/ego-centric Narcissistic corporation.

Don’t you have any Humanity left in you?!!



We don't believe in Today's Capitalism or Today's Communism - Give The Power 2 The People!

It’s just Indirect Bureaucracy (Oligarchy) Authoritarianism (Capitalism) vs. Direct Authoritarianism (Communism).

There are good things in both & there are bad things in both.

We believe in Anti-Authoritarianism and Decentralised Power.

Give the Power to the People like a True Democracy!



Yes, I would rather live in the West than the East, and yes, Capitalism is the best system for building a civilization.

But Capitalism is a system to ensure a business thrives and Communism is an ideology meant to ensure People thrive.
(Pure Communism is an ideology that doubtedly functions in practice as seen time & time again, but Scandinavia has a world famous middle way ‘The Nordic Model’. We are a Social Democracy at the middle leaning west into capitalism & We are killing it on the world stage in regards to Public Happiness, Avg. income, Public Welfare, Education System, Human Development, Gender Equality etc. etc. etc.).

Both systems (Capitalism & Communism) have to be implemented in a healthy balanced Yin & Yang way to create the best thriving conditions for Society is a whole – Businesses Thrives & People Thrive.

Not like Today’s Authoritarian Communism (True Communism is Decentralized and People Owned) +

The Toxicity of Today’s Capitalism Makes The Most Greedy the winner…!

This CAN ONLY create a Sick Spirit which is evident because we are literally choking Mother Earth like a psychopathic kid.
(She is quite resilient though, we on the other hand are not so tough)


The Way Out: Change the Game of Capitalism to a Competition of Generosity & make sure the Consumer Society (You & I) vote for the most Generous Social Benefit Businesses, that Pushes Humanity (&Planet) Forward The Most.

Turning the beloved Capitalistic System into a Force 4 GOOD.

By being a Part Of The Solution.

No collaboration is needed, just Actually Give Back and Be Truly Sustainable.

Enough with the Greenwashing Bullshit, Today’s “Sustainable” products are a LIE.

Show Society That You WALK YOUR TALK & Actually Give Back 2 Mother Nature

Like a sane grown-up. (talking 2 the Corporate Elites here)


I will do my part, and I hope to god that you, reading this, won’t support/vote for those psychopathic kids with your money.

Your Kids Will Thank You & So Will I!


But instead of you being burdened with the task of decoding a professional marketing greenwashing team, we could Unite & Demand Change by bringing the Power back 2 The People.

If you choose to Unite with This Part Of The Solution / Sustainable Revolution 4 The People, by The People.

This makes you a Part Of The Solution.

You can get a symbol for your choice here↵


We believe that !Healthy! Competition makes us Stronger & more Innovative

Healthy Competition means: We support a Healthy Free Market.

A Healthy Free Market is a market that has the following:

1.  Regulations to prevent Greed from becoming Exploitation of People or the Environment.

2. Increased Tax on Monopolies (Today most of them pay next to 0% Tax while the competition pays Standard Tax) – by the way, isn’t is only Fair that the Strongest Contribute The Most? Today They Contribute The Least.

3. A market where business titans can’t lobby the Government or Institutions that are supposed to ensure Healthy Competition and take care of the Consumers/Planet/Society’s Health & Safety.


We believe that Feedback in Our environment should be as Close Loop ∞ as possible

This Feedback comes from Elon Musk Caltech Commencement Speech, and it makes perfect sense from Business to Democracies to Communities to Partnerships. The strongest are those who are closest 2 a Radical Transparent Feedback Culture.

Because the Feedback is a service to the Mission of Advancing the Partnership.

Close Loop Feedback Pushes Humanity Forward.

And coincidently pushes ego backward.

Also, coincidently Elon once took engineering Feedback/Idea about rockets from an Engineer YouTuber. He didn’t let the “Who are you to give a billionaire engineer advice?” Ego thinking = ego-controlled Mentality come in the way of Feedback.

– Elon said something along the lines of “That is Actually a Good Point, Thank You! We are going to Fix That.”

The YouTuber comes back 9 Months Later.

Elon Musk “That was Actually One of the Biggest Improvements That We Made

If Only Democracy Was as Effective as That. We wouldn’t be spiraling into Instability which is some version of Chaos.

If Only the “who are you to give the Establishment advice” ego-controlled mentality / spirit.

If only That Spirit left Our Establishment, We Could Have a Greater World.

And a Greater/Truer Democracy.

PS: There are billionaires that are Part Of The Solution as well, it’s pulling Society backward if Society Generalises all billionaires as part of the problem.

We should not villainize all of them because then the Good Ones will get motivated by US to turn their back on US. The world is not Black & With in our Micro-cosmo of Today, but surely there are those who fall on the spectrum of part of the problem and those who are Part Of The Solution.

Racism is never beneficial to anyone.

Racism is Never an Accepted Opinion to Have, whether you act it out or not.

But we have to distinguish a Part Of The Solution from the problem 2 effectively communicate Change.

A Greater Democracy is only Possible Through a Close Loop Feedback Culture.

Because We Need More Alignment & Harmony, which we are, unfortunately, falling far away from.

Feedback is the Foundation of Harmony, Stability & Sustainability.

Dividing ourselves into tribes of “we are the goodies and they are the badish” narratives is only productive when Championing Change through Feedback, when you already are the Establishment then it is just a childish trick to dominate the narrative and a sort of “divorce” yourself with Feedback from the Public/Consumers or at least distancing yourself from Feedback.

If you as the Establishment Overrule Feedback, whether you like it or not, your rule becomes an Authoritarian Regime.

This is where the Establishment does anything to childishly overrule Feedback through Authoritarian Powers to Control the People by controlling the narrative and dividing The People Through Misinformation / Disinformation. A tactic they use to Control the public Perception / consciousness while being Guilty of doing it Themselves.

This is the Childish Hypocrisy of Today’s Establishment / Matrix / Government.

But luckily in Today’s World, the Establishment is the Minority & We, The People are the Majority.

We, The People Hold The Power.

We, The People Are Tired of Authoritarian Rule by The Elite.


It is Time For The Establishment to Stop Abusing Power & Start to Listen To FEEDBACK from Us, The People.

The Society.

You & Me.

We are the Champions 4 Change.

Because a close-looped Feedback Culture (True Democracy) Should NEVER Be Abandoned!

Doing So Is ASKING 4 a Revolution.

If You Champion 4 Change, You Will Meet Me Along The Road to LASTING Change.

The Success of The Change We Seek To Make Will Only Happen if the Majority Unites and Take a STAND.

Divided We Will Fall.

That is NOT a Question, You & I, We Decide It ALL!

If We Take A Stand & Stand Tall.



Wisdom is The Ability to Follow Your Own Advice

I will do what is Humanely Possible 4 You.
What will you do to Push Humanity Forward Today?

Or Maybe What are you willing to Stop doing to push Humanity Forward?

If you don’t have a Single-use Substitute yet, you can get yours here↵


A Healthy Regulated Free Market is Needed to prevent toxic (narcissistic) Capitalism from sacrificing People & Planet for profit!

To Tame Greedy Capitalists and get it under control, imagine two Mandatory Advisory Board positions being created for every corporation above 10 million $ in avg. yearly revenue.

These positions would be:

Humanitarian Advisor: With the job of asking “Is this Kind 2 People & Our Society?”.

Environmental Advisor: With the job of asking “Is this Kind 2 Our Home? & What are we doing to Prevent Unnecessary Harm?”.

Imagine that if they both advised against a business proposal, they could overrule and dismiss the proposal or at least report it to a regulatory government controlled institution (where lobbying is illegal ofc.).

Imagine the world we could live in..!

Imagine Not having Climate Anxiety and having Genuine Excitement for the future instead.

If you think this Solution should happen, please support us or champion the message in your own way..!



We believe in Decentralised Power but Unity is Necessary 4 Us 2 Succeed

The problem is today’s Establishment that does everything to convince you, that you should trust them to solve the problem while they are a part of the problem.

If their power does not get into more equal Alignment, we will pay the price. We will become the Modern-day Slaves 2 The Elites (more than we already are).


Unity is possible when we get over our biological and cognitive default program of Tribalism.

The Messenger is not the Enemy or the Hero.

The Messenger is simply a bringer of information and it is the information itself we should have proper discussions about to reach a viable consensus.

But today people are more scared of being wrong than they are willing to find out what is Right, leading us to demonize each other & fight with each other, instead of engaging in the conversation to get to the Truth.

It should only be allowed to punch upwards & Never down.

If your ego holds you back from finding out what is true, then your ego is toxic and immature.

The Crisis We ALL Face is so tremendously enormous, that if we don’t unify behind the truth and stand together, we will fail to prevent disaster.

We need Trust in our governmental institutions again (or a New System!)

This can only happen if lobbying is classified as corruption (which it is) and made illegal and the punishment should be of a significance that makes lobbying stop immediately. (I recommend both prison & unimaginable high financial penalty fine)

If Changes is proposed 2 Government’s by a Business. They Should Have Tens of Thousands Signatures In Their Hand.

But We Know From Experience, These Signatures Can Be Made Up By The Business.

Therefore The Government Should Validate These Signatures By E-mailing All The E-signature Givers And Only If At Least 50% Of The Signees Confirm Their Vote In A Week, The Proposal Would Be Accepted.

Furthermore, actions that lead to mistrust by The Government should have to be publicly admitted with a “we are sorry” statement.

Leaders lead by taking responsibility.

But unfortunately, no country has a True leader.

– If I have overlooked someone please mention someone who is currently a leader, we would love to be proven wrong here.


We need 2 take Propaganda & Corporate Power Out of The Mainstream Media

We Need Unbiased Mainstream Media that is Free 2 Challenge ANYTHING.

Surely, This Should Be Highly Legitimate Professionals, Scientists, Doctors, True Journalists, Authors & Independent Media Established Voices.

I’m not talking about people who have bought a Russian Propaganda Media Conspiracy made up by thin air 2 turn the West against itself (oh yes, this is an established & proven tactic).

I’m talking about Highly Credible Voices that are deeply informed about the subject matter & have an opposing view.

We Need This Big Time!

Not 2 sow doubt in the public, but to engage in a discussion about what the Best Way Forward is.

Not like politicians who argue 2 win, but people who argue 2 get 2 what is right.

Too Much of the Mainstream Media 2 day is people who read teleprompters all day.

Who never questions what they say….

Otherwise this becomes more Orwellian than it already is.


Drop the Cancel Culture & Censorship 2 Restore Free Speach

“Hate speech” should be scaled back to what is actually ‘Hate speech’ so it cannot be interpreted in thousands of subjective ways.

This is how they created the cancel & censorship culture. They made “Hate Speech” an umbrella term the size of a mushroom cloud.

So they could cancel all people who voice their opinion on the inefficacy of Governments. 

Centralized power vs. Decentralized is a Yin & Yang balance, when the Government becomes too Authoritarian, it’s healthy skeptics that are the voices to balance it towards a more harmonious middle where the people are served the best.

If we didn’t have healthy skeptics & critical thinkers we would not have invented the Parachute, the seat belt or the inflatable emergency boats on cruise ships.

Healthy skeptics & critical thinkers shouldn’t be censored, this is wrong & it is asking for pushback.


As you probably can tell, these are not unique beliefs only I have, it’s just my vocabulary supporting the beliefs.

I just champion these beliefs from a Growing Contingent Of Society who believe this to be true, especially the young generation & those paying attention to a Failing “Democracy”.

I just asked myself, how can I champion this message to push new conversations that push Humanity Forward.

I Hope You Will Champion This Message Too
In Whatever Way You Choose 2 Do.

Personal note ♥

I hope You Take a Stand and Becomes a Part Of The Solution.

From Me to You, Thank You 4 Being Here with this Virtual Extension of Me.

Allowing Me to Thank You Virtually, But Personally.

I Truly Mean This, YOU ROCK!

Sending Virtual, but Real Love,

2 You.

From me.

Viva La Revolution!

Viva La Republic!

Viva La Democracy!

A Snippet Of My Personal Code Of Conduct

My Guiding Beliefs

Accept everything just the way they are (The Scientific Method & 1st Principle Thinking)

 To see reality the way it is, the most reliable method is 1st principle thinking and the scientific method of stress testing a hypothesis about how “reality” is.

Essentially the scientific method is trying countless times to disprove a Hypothesis.

Once we can’t disprove reality as we see it (our shared hypothesis), then it must be as accurate as we can possibly see it.

When was the last time you actively looked for evidence to prove “how you think the world is” wrong?

Most people have a toxic ego, so they never stress test their assumptions about the world.

Stress-testing my own assumptions about the world led me to greater Self-Awareness. The greater self-awareness led me to this – Fighting 4 Justice. Not limited to Environmental Justice but this is where it starts.

If we do not accept things the way they are, we become delusional. This hinders us from moving forward

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The other is to refuse to believe what is true.
– Søren Kirkegaard

I believe in man-made climate change, I mean look at the facts..

I have looked at the evidence through the scientific method. And the easiest hypothesis to disprove is the hypothesis of those who say it is natural.

The evidence of man-made climate change is so gigantic, that any attempt to disprove the hypothesis has to be more than an argument, but the opposition lacks actual holistic science to back it up.

They use single focused science to make an argument like ‘Carbon is what plants use to grow’ while neglecting the Increased temperature, Increased Ice Loss, Increased Savannization & it kills coral reefs because of Ocean Acidification & High Temperatures.

PS: Corals produce about as much oxygen as the rainforests of the world while only covering 1% of Earth’s Surface + They are home to 25% of Marine Life & They are more endangered than trees.

Sure the temperature swing up and down in relation to certain specific points in time, but it’s the trajectory we should worry about and the exit of The Holocene. We have been in The Holocene for the past 10.000 years where the temperature has changed +-1 degree, now we are at 1.1 and rapidly moving to 1.5.

There is more, which I will uncover in a later video at the Champions4Change YouTube Channel & at this website’s Change Media.

– Perhaps the reason the opposition only has arguments is because they are not practising scientists but paid actors by the fossil fuel industry, because this wouldn’t be the first time & it’s naive to think it would be the last (evidence here: Change Media – Exxon)

I don't believe in giving facts or reality make-up or sugarcoating it in any way

– to make it easier to swallow.

This only diminishes the need for change and postpones the necessary change we need to take Right Now.

If unfiltered facts harms your mental health, then we really know Change Must Happen.

Because then reality is too fucked up.

But it’s a great opportunity to become stronger & stand together!

Reality is fucked up & it is up to you, me and everyone we can get on our team to recorrect this error.

Ps. It Makes You Stronger 2 Confront The Facts Instead Of Ignoring Them By Living Like A Turtle Inside It’s Shell. There is no Warrior Spirit in that, only cowardice.


Resentment & Complaining is Playing Powerless

We keep the power by taking action to end the problem.

No victim has ever won anything worthy & fulfilling by complaining.


“Anger & Resentment is like drinking rat poison and hoping the other will die”

Use your anger to take action instead, then you transform it productively!

Be Grateful for your struggles - Amor Fati (Transformative Read some say)

Be Grateful for your struggles because they are the teachers who will turn you into the Hero of your own story!

True Love is wanting The Best for someone, right?
(Without Deciding 4 Them – They’re Free 2 Choose)

If you choose to Purify your Love for those you serve, You should be at your Absolute Best to serve them the Best, right?
Because you want the Best Possible thing 4 them.

Choosing to Strive for the Best version of Yourself, is like choosing the Biggest Mountain 2 Climb.

The biggest mountain to climb will be the Most Challenging & The Hardest.

It requires You to Be The strongest Version of You.

So all the pain and struggle uphill is only weakness leaving your body.

& you Do it out of Pure Love 4 those You Serve, that is the Beauty of it.

Complaining about your struggles in life, is only telling the Universe that you don’t want your dreams.

You cannot accomplish your dreams without going through the process that will make you worthy of them.

Lottery is a scam, even the winners know this themselves, so they throw it all away in a year or a day (not literally but you can guess what I’m trying to say) because deep down in their subconscious they know, that they are not worthy & that is why they let it go.

Must be a fun ride though, right?
Sure, a bunch of fake friends crawl through your window right until the day you end up like the biggest idiot in history because you spend more money in a matter of years than most could do in a lifetime. It is just as miserable as it sounds.

There is no shortcut, break the illusion capitalists sell you! (but you can make it easier if you follow the Equation in the poem below)
You’ve got to learn to love your struggles because they make you Stronger & Worthy.

Finding the biggest mountain to climb you will realize that you can’t do it alone because you are dependent on your community & those you serve.

Because they mirror love by telling you what you can’t see yourself, to make you more capable of winning as well.

Can You Find Beauty In Poetry?


Love Conquers All.

Purify your love.

Strengthen your love.

Never give up.

& You will see that Our Dreams were meant 4 You & Me.

Along the way you will find, that The Universe Is On Your Side.

Ask & You Shall Receive, they say.

But how do you Ask for it, when you don’t know in what Way?

The Deal With God Is Mutual I Would Say.

For you 2 get your end of the deal, You need 2 give him your part in his particular way.

But how do you give 2 God?

Make Your Love as Strong as Possible, as you walk through the flames by shouting God’s name & you will find, that True Love is made up by the Divine.

Mirroring God’s Love as Humanly Possible.

That is what you Give 2 Him & You Will Be Worthy 2 Achieve Your Vision.

PARADISE ON EARTH, That’s My Mission!

& All You Claim of Me is that I do the Best 2 Love those I serve.

Completing The Cycle of Giving True Love 2 Earth.

As she so Desperately Deserves!

Our Mother is who Gave US LIFE, True Beauty & Wildlife.

How Can We Forget 2 Treat Her With RESPECT!

Inside of Me Burns a Fierce Fire & Storm, to Flip the Script & Spit Fire at Those Who Cause Harm.

Because You See, My Love is so Strong that Anything Standing In My Way,

Is about 2 See The Light of DAY.

I’m Human & prone 2 fall, but Nothing Can Beat You if You Give It Your ALL!

Giving It Your Best; Only Prepares The Next.

As Im Struggling Uphill, My Failed Attempts become My Thrill.

Because Failure is Natural & it will make you understand, that Next Time Will Be Better Because You are a Learning Man.

Love Your Struggles Because It Is Your Thrill As You Struggle Uphill.

Sacrifice Like Abel & You Will See, That Dreams Can Be Achieved By People Like You & Me.

Because Love is in Us All,

& You Can Win It All,

It’s Your Time To Make The Call.


Because you see, LOVE IS All that GOD Turns out to Be.

& The Language Of Love Is Meant To Be Spoken By You & Me.

All I’m Trying to Be, is just a Part Of The Solution 2 the chaos that I see.

I Hope You Will Put Your Faith In Me♥

Thank You 4 Following your Curiosity 2 Know-how & being here with me.

I Love You,

isn’t it clear.

This Is The Thing I Really Want You To Hear.

Let’s All Take Part In The REVOLUTION That Is Meant 2 Be.

Started By The People Like You & Me.

You’re The Seed of God & The Flower of Life.

Water The Seed Generously & It Will Grow Into The Sky.

You don’t even have 2 believe in a Father up High, the evidence is all around you like a Tree Breaths Life.

What You Water Will Grow, Don’t Tell Just Show.

That is how WE WIN, Follow The Journey Within!

The Adventure of Your Life Can’t be known from the Start,

That is Why You Have 2 Act Out The Love In Your Heart,

Who do You Want 2 Be?

A Part Of The Solution to the Problem That You See?

As you know, all that is required is that you don’t tell but show.

Trust Me, The Universe Will Know.

Liva la Revolution & Let The Light Shine Through!

Thank you so much, from me 2 you♥

You’re The Hero of Your Story When Love Conquers Your Heart,

You will trip & fall along the way, but it doesn’t matter, Just Start!

Because Your Hero Is Born Within Your Own Heart.

Truth Be Told, Don’t Tell Just Start.

You Don’t Even Have 2 Risk it All in 1 Day.

You can sit safely at home and pursue your Curiosity 4 Knowledge anyway,

then you will discover your Why & Your Vision – These will Create Your Mission.

Once They are Higher Than The Friction, Taking Action Becomes Your Playground 4 Your Mission.

A Fresh Brise On A Sunny Day, Only Refreshing, all would say.

Make This Equation True & Your Vision Will Carry You Through!

Why + Vision > (Higer than) Friction

Your Walk Is The Only Thing That Will Carry You Through.

Productive Creation & Discovery Is Part Of What You Do,
although You Risk Noting on your way through!

What Was Your Dream Again?

You Have It 4 A Reason.

Don’t Listen 2 Those Who Treat Their Dream With Treason.

Water Your Flower Of Life Within Your Own Heart.

No One Has Ever Regretted Watering It.

Those Who Regret: Regret Not Watering It Enough.

You Will Fall Along The Way, But It Doesn’t Matter That You Do, Because You Will Taste Heaven Too.

With Love From Me 2 You♥

Take it from Someone (27 y/o) Who Has Tasted Heaven with chaos all around him.
An Empty Wallet & No Mention-Worthy Education, No GF, No Partners or Friends who understand:

The Dream I Have That Is In So Desperate Demand!

4 Our Home Is On Fire & Our Leaders Don’t Care,

This is The Part of the problem my Heart can’t bear..

Money is the only language they hear….

Chaos all around me but not within my Mind & Spirit.

Ego says: Once Everything Falls Into Place I Will Have Peace.

Soul says: Find Peace Within & Everything Will Fall Into Place.

Look Within & You Will Find;
The Peace 2 Calm Your Mind.

God doesn’t mind empty wishes,
He gives you a chance to become worthy by decisions.

(PS: Im Educated by My Curiosity 4 Knowledge & The Free Internet.)

Life is 2 Be Lived From The Inside Out.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are, Just Listen 2 Your Soul’s Whispers Through Your Heart.

You Don’t Even Have 2 Risk Anything At ALL, Just Follow The Curiosity & Your Soul’s Call.

Sacrifice It All & God Will Hear Your Soul’s Call.

This Is The Adventure Of Your Life & You Decide It All.

It’s Time 4 You To Make The Call.

Neo, Wake Up.

Follow The White Rabbit…

& You Will See,

Your Dream Is Meant 2 Be.













What comes easy & expires quickly is not worth having

We simply don’t care or appreciate what comes easy in life because we haven’t worked for it.

What is worth something in life, comes as a reward of working hard to achieve it.

Likewise, you would not have a lot of self-respect if you did not do anything.

Self-worth comes from doing something worthy.

And only along the path to achieving something worthy, you will build the self-respect you deserve.

No one ever cared about a single-use item.
Choose to care.
Choose to get something worthy for yourself.
This will give you some satisfaction and self-respect that you are who you say you are because you do things like this.

You support True Sustainable businesses that do this.

Instead of feeding the part of the problem with your money.

You can choose to feed the Good part or the bad part.

This belief has roots in the ancient Tale of The Two Wolves.

The Good wolf & the bad wolf are fighting within every human Heart.

The one who win, is the one you feed the most.

I believe in Justice & Duty to one's beliefs

Therefore it is my duty to Fight 4 Justice when I see the opposite.

This is The Way of The Warrior Spirit.

A Spirit I Continuously Try 2 Embody Through My Actions.

Revolution happens when the oppressed have had enough of the oppressor.

When the Oppressed have the Bravery to Fight 4 Justice.

This is what Revolutionaries are made of.

Revolutionaries Are The Warrior Spirit Embodied. 

If you Value Your Beliefs, let what You Value Guide Your Actions.


It is not who you are unterneath but what you do; that defines you.

- Batman


I believe that humility is a Superpower

The ability to recognize that it is human to make mistakes.

The humility that you might be wrong so therefore you listen carefully to ANY feedback in your environment.

In my experience through life, the more feedback I get, the better and more professional I become and the less likely it is that I make a mistake again.

But not listening to feedback is the ultimate mistake, because then you think you are superior to the ordinary person.

This is a dangerous position, to be in, especially if you have a lot of power, because you can easily become a Tyrant because your excuse is “I know best”.

I wonder if Governments around the world can take feedback from People who Care a great deal about Society and who want to make it better.

If not, you know the Hero’s Journey right?

The Hero with a 1000’s faces.

They go into the unknown to slay the dragon to liberate themselves from tyranny.

If you are outnumbered and become a tyrant, you make it possible for the masses to become The Heroes in the history book.

Tyrannical misuse of power is inviting people to become a Part of a Revolution!

Again, I believe Humility & the ability to listen to Feedback is a Superpower.

Because I believe in Taking Full Accountability.

What Can I Learn From This – My Attitude Towards EVERYTHING.

Extreme Ownership of Everything.

My Foundational Values

Follow My Curiosity 2 Know-How, wherever, Into The Unknown

I Have Found This 2 Be Quite A Joy Ride & The Adventure Of A Lifetime.




If you believe you know how X works; your curiosity dies.

If you believe in atheism (No Divine Force); your seeking stops.

“The more you believe you know x, y, z about anything: The more you die in instalments.”
– Sadhguru, Indian Mystic.

“Once you stop learning: You start Dying” – Albert Einstein.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” – Henry Ford

“My Proposal for a worldview, or a motivating philosophy is to understand what Questions to ask about the answer that is The Universe. & The Degree to which We expand the Scope & Scale of Consciousness. We will be better able to ask these Questions or frame these Questions to Understand: Why we’re here, how we got here & what the heck is going on.

That is My Driving Philosophy: To Expand The Scope & Scale Of Consciousness So We May Better Understand The Nature Of The Universe” – Elon Musk

The thing is: When we grow up, society tells us how the world is, so your world view is in large part given to you.

So everything that is left is working, so you don’t question the world and how things work, you just work.

“This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones that we really believe in, and those we never think to question.” – Orson Scott Card

I just questioned all of my beliefs & sought evidence that what I thought was wrong – this blew my mind many times, until the fundament of my beliefs was blown away & then I built it back up by my own design.

I was curious about business, marketing, & The Nature Of Reality, and I just kept studieng it until I was like “How it works is not optimal in my point of view.

So I pondered over the problem & all of my curious discoveries through studying my interests & when I contemplated long & deeply, I had a bunch of “aha” moments which I combined into my new world view along the way.

“It’s not that I’m smart, I just spend longer time with the problem” – Albert Einstein.

Don’t know where 2 start on your curious adventure?

You may have to use energy to hold back on the entertainment & start searching your soul.

You can sit in silence & meditate or explore industry leading thinkers within the topic you are interested in.

Don’t know what you are interested in?
Well what is important to know?
Is there someone out there that talks about it in a way that grabs your attention?

I personally find the most “scientist” like leading speaker & the most “poetic / artist” speaker on the topic, when I listen to those 2 types of speakers talking about a subject/skill I need, I’m almost certain my attention will be grabbed & my initial (maybe resisting) curiosity starts to bloom.

If you are an Atheist, I would propose 2 you, that you start exploring the limits of physics. There is a New Physics Field the mainstream doesn’t know of: Quantum Physics – although it’s a Field in physics that has been developed in over 40 years. May I suggest 2 you 2 start with ‘The Double Slit Experiment’ & next try to understand the basics of The Quantum Field, then you can let your curiosity take it from there and probably venture into Spirituality because it’s closely linked with the Quantum Field/Realm. There is also Great Knowledge 2 be discovered in Eastern Spirituality like Zen Buddhism.

I find these people good at teaching their stuff:

Dr. Quantum: The Double Slit Experiment (explained 4 all).

Michio Kaku: Quantum Physicist.

Dr. Joe Dispenza: The Power of your Thoughts & The Quantum Field from a more Medical-science/Spiritual side.

Allan Watts: The Ancient Spiritual Teachings of the Asia like Zen Buddhism & The Tao.

Tony Robbins: Personal Breakthrough & Practical Spirituality

Sadhguru: Indian Mystic, no religion, but a great seeker to understand.

Jay Shetty: Think Like A Monk
“What if you wanted to learn to master the mind? Well then there is no one better at this than a monk” – Jay Shetty

Traditional Religion of your preferred choice (but why only one book?) from a voice Championing The Religion of your choosing. (Personally I went through Dr. Jordan B. Petersons Biblical Series on youtube/podcast, I particular liked The Cain & Abel Story)

But there is no right or wrong way, what matters is you get there, because it’s better to know God before you meet him.

Even if you don’t meet him because who know what is after death, I think We All Know that Living True 2 Ourselves & acting in a Right way while being Good 2 Other People, is going to lead you to a better life instead of rebelling against what you know in your Soul. So there is even a Logic argument 2 believe in something we can’t prove. But not everything has to be proven to be known. Your mind can never know, but your heart can.

Follow Your Flow of Curiosity into discovery of new plausible realities, because when your mind see new possibilities, knowing by heart becomes easier, because this way it’s only a tiny blind trust. Call me a hopeless Romantic, but I believe in The Divine Power of True Love. Because when I practice true love (to the best of my ability) in my own life, the Universe blinks 2 me through Coincidences giving me a clue that Im on the Right Path, the path of mirroring Divine Love to the best of my ability. Or maybe I’m just creating a fiction story of Divine Love, but if it helps me (which it does) – why stop?

Turning Love form Fiction into Reality, or Die trying. Seems like the right thing to do 4 me.

I will go out in the name of Love, not fear.

Seems like a bet I’m willing 2 bet my life on. But it took an Adventure of following my curiosity into the Unknown & a some tests of courage along the way to get here.

Enjoy Your Flow of Curiosity, let it carry you wherever, into the Unknown, it’s Your Adventure of a Lifetime! 😉

Choose to Do The Hardest Thing Possible Knowing That I Might Fail - Summum Bonum

This is a Part Of The Solution as well.

Figure out what bothers you in life.

What is a great problem you see?

Be a Part Of The Solution 2 that problem.


Now, I have to say, I fail at this Daily. I get caught up in doing things that is not the hardest thing possible.

I do NOT get it 100% right.

And I don’t think perfect exists.

All I can do is try daily, despite my daily failures.


But because I believe it, my mission in life is the hardest possible vision I can imagine.

And I want to pursue it daily, because it will make me the strongest version of myself, if I learn from my mistakes and short-commings & my commitment to this value gets stronger over time.


We live in a time with poly crisis and so many problems, that I obviously can not do it alone.

All I can do is choose to act in love and try to be a Part Of The Solution, that is all I want to be & it’s my reason why I do everything that I do.

Am I a hopeless romantic for believing in Love is the answer and will I fail?

Or am I a Co-Creator of a Love Revolution by being a Part Of The Solution.


I believe in The Power Of Love, because every time I act in Love; my life gets better.
Although I have to make hard decisions constantly by rejecting the voice of fear and letting go of safety and security.


I go up against not 1 giant, but multiple giants of industry across the largest sektors in the world & some of them have been linked to the killing the opposition (union workers etc.).


But realty is, those who are suppose to lead us, keeps disappointing US, you & I – The 99%.

I Choose to be a Co-Creator & a Part Of The Solution to the best of my ability.

But you decide if I will end up as a hopeless romantic and never see this Love Revolution happen.


If I fail; It will crush my heart.

But it crushes my heart even more not to try.


But you decide, if you want to be a Co-Creator of a LOVE REVOLUTION & Join The Revolutionaries.


I fully understand if you don’t trust a voice behind a Business (although this is a Social Benefit Business) – I don’t trust the 19th Century Style Businesses too!


But do you trust your own ability to listen & recognise Love in your life?

It is a leap of faith because every other institution/corporation you have trusted in your life has failed your trust already or maybe you still hold on to your trust in some of them still. Trust me, you are left with an empty feeling when you investigate the institutions & corporations closely by following the actions and the money instead of their words.

So maybe you are skeptic of me, and please be – We Need More Healthy Skeptics!

But Skepticism can also get toxic if you are never able to trust again.


If you’re not convinced by my Radical different way

of how I think an organization should look like, please investigate me further and watch my actions.

But I obviously has to say, I hope you become a Part Of The Solution sooner than later, because I think we have gambled with taking SERIOUS action for way, way too loooong!

But I cannot ask you to join this Sustainable Revolution before you are ready to trust me.

When you are ready, I will be happy to see you become a Co-Creator of this Power Of Love Revolution.

We are the 99% & if we cannot work together, we can not win.

Me & my unborn children will thank you for it forever.

& of cause I will pressure you to act in love as well, because the clock is ticking & our “leaders” has gambled with my future enough for me not to be desperately worried.

Im trying to do the right thing for not just my kids but humanity here – That’s the Point with a Social Benefit Business.

I’m not in business to make money, I’m in business to make Change Happen by uniting a Movement of Revolutionaries that will Co-Create a Sustainable Revolution – because the world is desperately in need of a Solution &  how more beautiful can it be if the solution comes from a People’s Revolution!

Will you a Part Of The Solution? #TheLoveRevolution


It is not who you are unterneath but what you do; that defines you.

- Batman


Live a Life of Service 4 Those I Love (Link it 2 The Hardest Thing 4 more Motivation)

Living a Life of Service 4 Those I Love is how I learn to Love myself as well – seems oddly like a simulation. Beautifully made though, Love Conquers All!

Truth & Honesty

If you haven’t figured it out already by beliefs like: accept everything the way they are & I don’t believe in giving facts make-up & my value about following my curiosity is all centered around getting to the Truth & Accepting the Truth just the way it is.


“You can tell much about a man, by how much truth he can tolerate” – Nietzsche

Unfortunately, most don’t want the truth, basically, all say they value honesty, but try to tell your friend or partner something you see in them you don’t like.

Yeah, now you know, most people only want honesty that is comfortable, as soon as it is uncomfortable, they don’t want your honesty.

& I’m like, give it to me raw – I want the Truth, I don’t care about if it hurts me or our relationship.

If we can’t have this level of brutal honesty in our relationship, then I don’t want it.

So I have 1 close friend left & he is also constantly working, which he should be.

We see each other probably once or twice a year but it’s like not a single thing about our friendship has changed. We are Brothers 4 Life although we have separate busy lives.

But I don’t have a girlfriend, what a surprise huh?

Tough Love is Honest & Deep Love & it might hurt like fire, but Tough Love is not valued in our society today.

People stab each other in the back instead of in the front. 

No wonder most relationships are so shallow…. (Divorce rate above 50% i Western society)

If you love them, tell them the Truth.

Real Love Is Tough Love & Truth is the Language of Love.

That is My Truth 2 You.

& To be even more honest: Your mind will lie 2 you but Your Soul Will Not Lie.

What is Real Love 4 You?

The Holy Book says: God Is Love – I wonder why we call him Heavenly Father…?

Obviously Love has no gender, but maybe the father pronoun says something about the character of Love that God is.

Just MayBe.


But hey, how You define Real Love is up 2 You & what internal voice you listen to.

I just told you My Truth in the brutally Honest way I roll.

I’m Human & you know how it is with us humans.

We have the Luxury to live with the consequences.

Choose wisely.


4 what it is worth: I’m more than happy with My Choice.


It Takes Hard Metal, Heavy Hits & Flames 2 Shape & Form A New Durable Blade.

I’m at the point where I ask 4 more, because I see it has great things in store.

Making Me Stronger Than Ever Before.

Thank You God, but I want More.

I am who I am & Truth is at My Core.

Tough Love is The Only Love I Adore.

I Want 2 Share it Evermore.


You Might Think Pain & Misery.

But When You Understand, You See A Delivery.

Tough Love Is The One Sending Me.

A Mirror of God’s Love Is What Im Trying To Be.

2 Restore Paradise On Earth 4 You & Me.

Sustainable Revolution we will see.

If you Vote 4 Me.

& If You Want 2 Be,

a Part Of The Solution

2 the Capitalists Pollution.

Generosity is the Solution.

A Capitalism Evolution.

Capitalism 2.0 Is a Love Revolution.

& You’re invited to be Part Of The Solution.

NFAQ: Why are Values so Important?

In warfare, The Soldiers have to stick by the Procedures to tackle any sort of trouble.

These procedures are designed to give The Soldiers the Best chance of navigating troubles along the Mission & ensure The Highest chance of Victory.

Soldiers on Life’s Battlefield don’t want to gamble their lives away, that is why they let The Procedures 2 Ensure Victory guide their every action.

Making the Risk of Failure as close to zero as possible, because their Life is Actually on the Line.


Your Values & Beliefs in Your Life are Your Procedure 4 Success.

Without a Clearly Written Procedure, how are you going to Win in Life?

Your Life Is Literally On The Life.

Now, here are 4 alternative values/virtues from Stoicism:

Courage, bravery, fortitude, honor, sacrifice…

Temperance, self-control, moderation, composure, balance…

Justice, fairness, service, fellowship, goodness, kindness…

Wisdom, knowledge, education, truth, self-reflection, serenity…

“If, at some point in your life, you should come across anything better than justice, truth, self-control, courage—it must be an extraordinary thing indeed.” —Marcus Aurelius

PS. Are your values really valued if you don’t follow them?

Let Your Values Guide Your Actions.


Marcus Aurelius 4 values/virtues are amongst the greatest I know, but I found following his values easy when I followed my own curiosity to deeper & greater understanding & doing the hardest thing first.

It’s almost as if following his 4 values came naturally when I followed my own.

& to be honest, I just discovered his 4 after I wrote my 4, to give you a different alternative to explore with your curiosity. There is a lot to learn in Stoicism & Meditations by Marcus.

Vision 4 This Part Of The Solution / Sustainable Revolution

The People's Sustainable Revolution♥ - How Our Home Planet Wins

It All Starts Here,

But You & Me Can Knock This Out Of The Stratosphere!

Once People Decide 2 Join in, We Can Win.

By Watering This Social Benefit Business Seed, This Is How The People Will Succeed!

Once The Fruits Of This Loving Tree Is Ready 2 Harvest In A Sustainable Way,
New Seedlings Will Be Planet 2 Fit Your Everyday.

To House Every Product You Can Think Of Anyway.

The 1Shop Will Be Expanded.

When Part Of The Solution is Demanded.

A Full-Color Palette Of Physical Products To Be Candid.


So Choosing a Part Of The Solution

Is Always Within Your Resolution.

When You Need A Product 2 Fit Your Swagger, You Can Count On Me, I Will Be The Product Packer.

At Least 5% To Regrow Our Home Planet Will Grow As Well.

This Is The Only Solution
To Combat Capitalist’s Mass Pollution.

Do you want to be a Part Of The Solution?

& Co-create The People’s Sustainable Revolution!

Can’t You See?

This Revolution Is Meant 2 Be,

Started By People Like You & Me.

Together We Command Climate Victory!

My Fundamental Principal Through Out All I Do

Give More Than You Take - Sympatheia, Give 4 The Common Good

Although I consider myself more spiritual than religious, I think the most fundamental take-away of any religious book is:
Do more for others than you do for yourself.

Karma will take care of you.

The Universal Law Of Reciprocity.

NFAQ: If you believe in Science so much, why do you believe in something we can’t prove?

Because I have studied (autodidact) Quantum Physics starting with the ‘Double Slit Experiment’ and beyond plus the limits of traditional physics and stress-tested my own beliefs/hypothesis/assumptions about the world and how I see it – you know like a scientist.

Quantum Physics offers a more plausible hypothesis from my perspective about God or a Universal Secret/Divine Order/Frequency (The Frequency of Love That is).

Like a Universal frequency that permeates all possibilities in the Quantum Field.

& I think it’s a more poetic and beautiful hypothesis as well.

It offers me hope (and I think Actions that support that hope, make the Hope much more Possible because Im a Realist as well).

It makes it easier for me to forgive (forgive doesn’t mean forget).

It makes short-term sacrifice easier.

And because I want to live a Life of Service in a deeply personal & meaningful way, so I have to give up most if not all quick fix pleasures.

I think it offers the kind of Warrior Spirit we need to Restore a Life of Harmony with Mother Nature, Our One and Only Home.

Warriors fight despite all odds.

Fighting to restore Justice in the land of injustice
– it helps with Motivation & Discipline to think like this.


How We Treat Our Common Mother, is NOT Very Kind at ALL.

We Must Change THAT
– The Consequences Will Probably Be Brutal
& Unnecessary (That’s the Ugly Part).

Full Disclosure, when I Stress-tested my previous Atheistic Assumptions, in the search for Truth, I have seen so much shit which is commonly ignored by the 19th Century Media.

It is said that the line between good and evil crosses down the human heart, and I have seen a lot of narcissistic behavior that falls somewhere on the spectrum of evil.

As the Tale of the Two Wolves solidifies.

For every action (force) in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
– Newtons 3rd Law.


It could be a self-illusion, but an illusion of Love that I’m willing to sacrifice my life for.

I will never kill myself, but I will gladly give my life to the service of divine love.



Questions to the current Establishment / “Democracy”:

At what point does Climate Science become the basis for changing direction?

It took less than a year to act on covid vaccine science, climate science has been running for half a century.

What happened with “listen to the science”?

Does it only apply when money is involved?

Does money mean more to you than protecting human lives?

Can you see the hypocrisy & the NEED 4 Change?

It is not very “leader” like to procrastinate this much…



But of cause you blame the other party, right, for your own inaction. “If they don’t why should you?”

How mature.

If you are in charge of leading people, then lead by example! Por favor.


The US blames China & China blames the USA.

Businesses blame Consumers.

All mentioned above are the leaders & they are all failing Pathetically.

While Selling Us Lies Actually. Because their way of “sustainable” never was True.

So, my friend you see, it’s up to You & Me 2 Make History!

– or at least try, otherwise we are a part of the problem as well.
Sorry But I Had 2 Tell, This Truth Don’t Sell Very Well.

All you have to do is Vote with your Actions 4 Lasting Sustainable Change to become Reality!

Freeing Us From This Climate Misery.