My Vision, Mission & Values through LAST-X

Why I do it


External World Mission

For a decade+ The Automobile Industry lobbied against making cars safer, actively contributing to thousands if not millions of preventable deaths, until a Scandinavian brand (Volvo) finally had some sense and decided to do what everyone knew was the right thing to do and installed a seat belt.

Seatbelts quickly became a standardized requirement for All car manufacturers.

We want to be the Eco version of that!

Turning a Sick Game where the most greedy wins (Capitalism) into a Competition of Generosity.

A 180-degree Sustainable Revolution of Capitalism.

A Competition 2 Give Back 2 Mother Earth & The People.

Because what is Right, is Right, even if nobody else is doing it.

We Lead by example & donate 5% of sales as a rent-payment to Mother Earth.

Because Everyone knows that paying rent is the right thing to do.

Even the industries fighting against it by putting profit over human lives.

They know, they are just choosing to fight it because money is more important to them.

This is when we know money has Bankrupted their Spirit!

They turned from humans to cold-hearted machines with their money first priority….

A business takes on the spirit of the management team, unfortunately, Big industry-leading corporations that Lobby Governments are managed by human spirit SELL-OUTS!
– The Matrix films are fantasy Art that reveals the Truth.

As Great Art Always Does.

Machines Run Our World & It’s a Fucking Disease!

Today’s Capitalism is a Disgrace 2 Humanity!

– Arthim, The Revolutionaries.


Imagine a world where Climate Anxiety wasn’t skyrocketing, because there were no Climate Anxiety

-because we lived in harmony with Our Home Planet. Where everyone, every corporation and every country decided to take Responsibility for their actions by paying rent to Our Home.

This is a Fight 4 Eco-equality for everyone & every thing impacting Our Home.

Furthermore, I have a dream about doing business that benefits Our Home Planet, instead of taking from it like the 19th-century style of business (most businesses today unfortunately) which are depleting Our Home, Planet Earth.

Our Home used to have a Rich & Beautiful Rainforest  (it is now down to 50% or less) and Majestic wildlife (which we’ve reduced by 69%). See Our Home’s decline in summarized facts – not scientific projections but Reality as of Today. here↵

Anything we can’t do forever is by definition unsustainable. How can a business claim their product is sustainable if their business is not? Something clearly has to change.


Internal Mission

We want to Accelerate the transition from the 1950s ‘throw-away’ style of living into a Sustainable Society. 

How do we do it?

By being a stick in the wheel to Mass Polluters by calling them out on their shady practices & provide Green hearted people with a reusable substitute designed to LAST!

What we do:

We do that by creating an online store with every Reusable Substitute to single-use products. We call it a 1-Stop shop because everything is (going to be) in 1Shop.

The goal of every product is to replace a single-use item with a reusable substitute designed to last a lifetime.

Sounds Sustainable?

Hold on, we want to contribute to our future even more!

A reusable alternative product saves us from future CO2 emissions, but what about the cost of production and distribution?

Something almost no business covers or consumers demand, but why not demand that the business is sustainable before they can get the right to call a product sustainable?

That’s just how I think about it and I hope more people would demand that the businesses they buy from should offset their emissions by doing something beneficial for society/us and OUR Planet!

Doing business is a dirty job, therefore, LAST-X commits to at least recovering 1 pound of trash from our ocean and beaches for every product sold.

In many cases, we double that but we have some low-margin products. So, committing to 1 kilo of Plastic recovery is unsustainable for us.
This sacrifices the change we exist to make.
We cannot do that, because everything we do is to accelerate a sustainable change for the benefit of everyone and every living being in the water.


Our values


Our #1 priority is to give more than we take.

It’s the fundamental DNA of LAST-X which represents my values & we will be honored to represent your values if they align.



Why is this our number 1 value?
Although I consider myself more spiritual than religious, I think the most fundamental point of any religious book is:
– Do more for others than you do for yourself.

LAST-X is my attempt to do more for others by doing more for Our Planet than any of my competitors. 

The decisions we make today are a vote for who we want to be.

My only request is that you think about your future generations when you make that decision.