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Keeping you cool during summer and hydrated every day. The Last Water Bottle you will ever need. Designed to last a lifetime. If it doesn’t you will get a new one for free!

Please don’t misuse it, that’s unsustainable.
You are either a part of the problem or
a Part Of The Solution.

222 kr.

This Thermo water bottle is designed to replace any ordinary water bottle.

The water bottle is designed to be your ultimate carry-on water bottle.

It is a thermo water bottle with a stainless steel core that is so tough, it would be strange if the bottle did not last you an entire lifetime.

The water bottle has a combined aesthetically pleasing and minimalist design, making it perhaps the most practical version of a water bottle on the market.

Thanks to its thermal function, you get a thermo water bottle that keeps you hydrated and your water cool, no matter if you're getting baked in the sun the entire day. Your drink will stay cool for up to 12 hours, so your (hopefully) LAST water bottle can keep you refreshed even on the longest summer days on the go. And best of all, the water will not taste terrible, like it would in any plastic water bottle that has been in the sun for 20 minutes!

If you turn the thermal effect around and pour a hot liquid into the bottle, it will keep your hot drink warm for up to 6 hours.

But that's not all this practical wonder of a water bottle has to offer. You can also purchase a Sports Cap, making the bottle even more versatile!

And yes, it also comes with a durable carrying handle. So if you don't have any more room in your bag, you can still clip it on with a carabiner or similar!

This is the water bottle that won't let you down, no matter what life throws at you. And unless you treat your water bottle like it's a hand grenade, this water bottle will last you a lifetime! If not, you get a new one for free.

Extra on extra! You can get your LAST water bottle engraved to make it uniquely yours, a true one-of-a-kind!

Plastic is a thing of the past - upgrade your lifestyle by purchasing your LAST water bottle today.

Oh, as it isn’t enough already, we remove 1 kilo of plastic from our oceans if you buy your LAST Water Bottle today.

Why? Because our core value is giving more than we take from OUR Planet. Because I believe it’s the only sober-spirited way to do business considering the times we live in. The 19th-century style of business as usual is the reason we are in this mess. If you support us today, you support the growing Part Of The Solution Movement, and you become a Champion 4 Change that launches the LAST-X bullet at the 19-th century style of business.

You Win, our Revolution Wins & OUR Planet WINS, what’s not to like?

Bless you, for reading this far, you’re a rare & precious individual, I hope we can represent you & your values through our brand and the Part Of The Solution Movement. Join the fun today if you also know Our Planet Needs Change!

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Weight 0,47 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 28,5 cm

Sea Blue, Army Green, Light Blue, Soft Pink

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