Sports Lid for Water Bottle

The traditional sports lid every sportsman or woman knows and loves for quick and easy hydration during short breaks.

Have you ever tasted warm water from a plastic sports bottle on a summer day? I bet most people who love sports have.

Our water bottle with sports lid stands out in the sports environment, it keeps the water cold even if you play 10 hours of tennis in the sun, which no plastic sports bottle can do + on a hot day, your water will not taste of plastic, it will taste as cold pure refreshing water every single time.

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Every once in a while there comes a new contester into the arena that changes the game for everyone

In swimming there’s Michael Phelps, in running a mile it’s Roger Bannister, in basketball it’s Michael Jordan, in environmentally responsible business we have yet to see the game changer take the game of business by storm.

But of cause, business isn’t a 1 player sport or even a 1 team sport. Business is a sport of contributing to society by making great products. Unfortunately, most business stop contributing to society when they have made a product to fit demand.

But because physical product business is inherently going to require raw materials and CO2 emitting processes, the contribution to society from the 19th-century style of businesses has hidden side-effects that leaves conscious consumers to doubt the value of the 19th-century business contribution.

It is no news to anyone that 19th-century businesses are increasingly narcissistic. They are telling people that they need their product to feel cool. But we all have so many things that people start to realize that, we don’t need more shiny designed products, what we need are things we actually care about and things that will last a lifetime.

And this Sports lid for your LAST Water Bottle is not the fanciest designed lid ever, but it is a Sports lid for your water bottle that works. This traditional sports lid has stood the test of time and proven its resilience and durability. This is probably the best sports lid for a water bottle that will make your LAST Water Bottle a feared opponent to any silly plastic sports bottle.

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