How 2 Be Grateful 4 Your Struggles

Meat Physical Force With Soul Force

Be Grateful for your struggles because they are the teachers who will turn you into the Hero of your own story!

True Love is wanting The Best for someone, right?
(Without Deciding 4 Them – They’re Free 2 Choose)

If you choose to Purify your Love for those you serve, You should be at your Absolute Best to serve them the Best, right?
Because you want the Best Possible thing 4 them.

Choosing to Strive for the Best version of Yourself, is like choosing the Biggest Mountain 2 Climb.

The biggest mountain to climb will be the Most Challenging & The Hardest.

It requires You to Be The strongest Version of You.

So all the pain and struggle uphill is only weakness leaving your body.

& you Do it out of Pure Love 4 those You Serve, that is the Beauty of it.

Complaining about your struggles in life, is only telling the Universe that you don’t want your dreams.

You cannot accomplish your dreams without going through the process that will make you worthy of them.

Lottery is a scam, even the winners know this themselves, so they throw it all away in a year or a day (not literally but you can guess what I’m trying to say) because deep down in their subconscious they know, that they are not worthy & that is why they let it go.

Must be a fun ride though, right?
Sure, a bunch of fake friends crawl through your window right until the day you end up like the biggest idiot in history because you spend more money in a matter of years than most could do in a lifetime. It is just as miserable as it sounds.

There is no shortcut, break the illusion capitalists sell you!
You’ve got to learn to love your struggles because they make you Stronger & Worthy.

Finding the biggest mountain to climb you will realize that you can’t do it alone because you are dependent on your community & those you serve.

Because they mirror love by telling you what you can’t see yourself, to make you more capable of winning as well.

Can You Find Beauty In Poetry?


Love Conquers All.

Purify your love.

Strengthen your love.

Never give up.

& You will see that Our Dreams were meant 4 You & Me.

Along the way you will find, that The Universe Is On Your Side.

Ask & You Shall Receive, they say.

But how do you Ask for it, when you don’t know in what Way?

The Deal With God Goes Both Ways.

For you 2 get your end of the deal, You need 2 give him your part in his particular way.

But how do you give 2 God?

Make Your Love as Strong as Possible, as you walk through the flames by shouting God’s name & you will find, that True Love is made up by the Divine.

Mirroring God’s Love as Humanly Possible.

That is what you Give 2 Him & He will make you Worthy 2 Achieve Your Vision.

PARADISE ON EARTH, That’s My Mission!

& All You Claim of Me is that I do the Best 2 Love those I serve.

Completing The Cycle of Giving True Love 2 Earth.

As she so Desperately Deserves!

Our Mother is who Gave US LIFE, True Beauty & Wildlife.

How Can We Forget 2 Treat Her With RESPECT!

Inside of Me Burns a Fierce Fire & Storm, to Flip the Script & Spit Fire at Those Who Cause Harm.

Because You See, My Love is so Strong that Anything Standing In My Way,

Is about 2 See The Light of DAY.

I’m Human & prone 2 fall, but Nothing Can Beat You if You Give It Your ALL!

Giving It Your Best; Only Prepares The Next.

As Im Struggling Uphill, My Failed Attempts become My Thrill.

Because Failure is Natural & it will make you understand, that Next Time Will Be Better Because You are a Learning Man.

Love Your Struggles Because It Is Your Thrill As You Struggle Uphill.

Sacrifice Like Abel & You Will See, That Dreams Can Be Achieved By People Like You & Me.

Because Love is in Us All,

& You Can Win It All,

It’s Your Time To Make The Call.


Because you see, LOVE IS All that GOD Turns out to Be.

& The Language Of Love Is Meant To Be Spoken By You & Me.

All I’m Trying to Be, is just a Part Of The Solution 2 the chaos that I see.

I Hope You Will Put Your Faith In Me♥

Thank You 4 Following your Curiosity 2 Know-how & being here with me.

I Love You,

isn’t it clear.

This Is The Thing I Really Want You To Hear.

Let’s All Take Part In The REVOLUTION That Is Meant 2 Be.

Started By The People Like You & Me.

You’re The Seed of God & The Flower of Life.

Water The Seed Generously & It Will Grow Into The Sky.

You don’t even have 2 believe in a Father up High, the evidence is all around you like a Tree Breaths Life.

What You Water Will Grow, Don’t Tell Just Show.

That is how WE WIN, Follow The Journey Within!

The Adventure of Your Life Can’t be known from the Start,

That is Why You Have 2 Act Out The Love In Your Heart,

Who do You Want 2 Be?

A Part Of The Solution to the Problem That You See?

As you know, all that is required is that you don’t tell but show.

Trust Me, The Universe Will Know.

Liva la Revolution & Let The Light Shine Through!

Thank you so much, from me 2 you♥

You’re The Hero of Your Story When Love Conquers Your Heart,

You will trip & fall along the way, but it doesn’t matter, Just Start!

Because Your Hero Is Born Within Your Own Heart.

Truth Be Told, Don’t Tell Just Start.

You Don’t Even Have 2 Risk it All in 1 Day.

You can sit safely at home and pursue your Curiosity 4 Knowledge anyway,

then you will discover your Why & Your Vision – These will Create Your Mission.

Once They are Higher Than The Friction, Taking Action Becomes Your Playground 4 Your Mission.

A Fresh Brise On A Sunny Day, Only Refreshing, all would say.

Make This Equation True & Your Vision Will Carry You Through!

Why + Vision > (Higer than) Friction

Your Walk Is The Only Thing That Will Carry You Through.

Productive Creation & Discovery Is Part Of What You Do,
although You Risk Noting on your way through!

What Was Your Dream Again?

You Have It 4 A Reason.

Don’t Listen 2 Those Who Treat Their Dream With Treason.

Water Your Flower Of Life Within Your Own Heart.

No One Has Ever Regretted Watering It.

Those Who Regret: Regret Not Watering It Enough.

You Will Fall Along The Way, But It Doesn’t Matter That You Do, Because You Will Taste Heaven Too.

With Love From Me 2 You♥

Take it from Someone (27 y/o) Who Has Tasted Heaven with chaos all around him.
An Empty Wallet & No Mention-Worthy Education, No GF, No Partners or Friends who understand:

The Dream I Have That Is In So Desperate Demand!

4 Our Home Is On Fire & Our Leaders Don’t Care,

This is The Part of the problem my Heart can’t bear..

Money is the only language they hear….

Chaos all around me but not within my Mind & Spirit.

Ego says: Once Everything Falls Into Place I Will Have Peace.

Soul says: Find Peace Within & Everything Will Fall Into Place.

Look Within & You Will Find;
The Peace 2 Calm Your Mind.

God doesn’t mind empty wishes,
He gives you a chance to become worthy by decisions.

(PS: Im Educated by My Curiosity 4 Knowledge & The Free Internet.)

Life is 2 Be Lived From The Inside Out.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are, Just Listen 2 Your Soul’s Whispers Through Your Heart.

You Don’t Even Have 2 Risk Anything At ALL, Just Follow The Curiosity & Your Soul’s Call.

Sacrifice It All & God Will Hear Your Soul’s Call.

This Is The Adventure Of Your Life & You Decide It All.

It’s Time 4 You To Make The Call.

Neo, Wake Up.

Follow The White Rabbit…

& You Will See,

Your Dream Is Meant 2 Be.

Ancient Stoic Wisdom:

Summum Bonum – Highest Possible Good.

Amor Fati – Love Your Struggles.

Sympatheia – We Are All One.

“What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius.

Motivation: Memento Mori – Remember You Must Die.