Can I guarantee LAST-X’s products lives up to the health safety regulations?

The short answer, no. No one actually can.

Advise I got:

“The products might be made out of food-grade materials – maybe not. I may sound really cynical, but I know from experience that there are No certifications that can’t be bought for money in China (or at least, there is no certificate that cannot be faked).

The seller is able to, and will, claim that the products conform to any specification possible, but whether they really do that is another question. It’s the wild west out there.

You can ask the seller for the certifications, but you can’t be sure what they say is true.”


So what did I do?

First of all I checked the manufacture’s ratings, how many years they have been operating. (For my main supplier, they say that they have been operating for 27 years in total, but I can only be sure of the 21 years they have been verified by Alibaba.)

2. I asked to see their certifications – all of them.

3. Samples.

4. I interacted with multiple suppliers and pressured them on the price. Many suppliers will be willing to make a discount. I had one supplier who was willing to give me 30% off. This is massive, considering I wasn’t buying 1 but 1000. It’s not branded products, so this kind of discount can’t be related to when you buy a sweather online. Therefore, I said no thank you.

Instead I partnered with companies unwilling to give me any discount “Sorry we can’t give you discount because our products are the best quality on the market”. Haven’t head that one before.

4. I asked to get insight into their existing customer and there I found MASSIVE names of global brands like Starbucks etc. But 1 brand stood out as well, they where a shop for drinkwear to children and in their core values I could read about safety and quality of their products.

5. Trade Assurance.


All these steps made up my mind on which company I was willing to bet on & then I betted everything I had to start this company. (You can see my bank balance at the time on my IG).

It is a huge risk (writing this before launch of LAST-X), but OUR PLANET desperately needs radical action towards change, so that is what I’m going to do. Take Radical Action to be a Part Of The Solution! Be a part of the Revolution today, contribute here: