What adults don’t understand about Climate Crisis

What parents dont understand


Climate Change is the only crisis we already know will Impact the Lives of Our Children. Therefore, it must be the most important challenge we are facing as a society today.

We have known it for decades now, but every year it seems to be out of the Top 3 issues Governments all over the globe are focused on.

Politicians try to win votes by making the public fearful and pointing to an enemy they can blame.

Because nothing unites people more and buys cheap votes like having a national enemy.

This is not only in the US where Trump demonized Mexicans during his period.

In Denmark fighting immigration & ensuring strict integration procedures because a few percentages are illegal immigrants was the 3. most focused area in the 2019 elections and Climate action was once again out of the top 3.

Here is a summary of all the other relatively minor issues compared to a Climate CRISIS.

  • Healthcare optimization and salaries of nurses point fingers at the salaries in the corporate world and therefore demand more benefits.
  • A little influenza-like pandemic called Corona.
  • Inflation: Prices on goods & services increase due to lock-downs & war in Ukraine
  • Tax policies

I am not saying these aren’t important I am just saying they are not a REAL CRISIS.

“Corona and financial trouble don’t you call that a crisis?”

I know the bubble burst in 2008 was called a financial crisis and rightfully so. But a crisis that only lasts a couple of years or a half-decade, doesn’t really compare to Climate Change. Maybe we need a new name for the Climate crisis so we don’t compare it to a temporary “crisis”?

If you know the works of Sir. David Attenborough’s documentation about the effects of Climate Change on Our Planet & The Animal Kingdom. In one of his many Documentary films like Our Planet(2020) series (free to watch on YouTube) or some of his older works like The Blue Planet(2001) or Life on Earth(1979).

– He calls The Climate Crisis We All Face:



The scary part, his 2020 witness statement backs this up with undeniable facts.

So do you believe a financial crisis or a rough flue deserves to take the spotlight from


We can not continue to focus on ‘here and now’ problems when we have a REAL CRISIS growing in size every day.

It is unfair to your children that you delay Climate Action, because you are busy with things that do not matter in a decade. Most of the things you are busy with probably don’t even matter a year from now. Please, stop being busy working on surface-level things and start working on what truly matters.

Remember, you didn’t inherit the Planet from your parents, you are borrowing it from your kids.


So please, get your priorities straight. If not for yourself, then do it for your kids.

Otherwise, you are a co-contributor in delivering a shitty future for your kids.

Do the right thing for God’s sake, you’re the adult!

Inaction has consequences, you already know this. And Inaction isn’t a loving thing to do towards your kids. Your kid didn’t ask to be born into this firestorm of a legacy we have gotten ourselves into.

Please don’t give your kids less than they deserve.

It’s not just you my friend, each and every one of us has to overcome this↵

Ps: Heavy artillery is designed to crack your armor, so you have enough emotional pain to contemplate your choices in life because your choices are why my words may have hurt you. If you feel hurt by my post, it means you have work to do, something has to change. If not for yourself then do it for the ones you love.

Pain + reflection = progress