The Greenwashing Scam & How To Avoid It

The Greenwashing Scam

As a result of the high consumer demand for earth-friendly products, many manufacturers have simply used marketing and packaging to mislead customers into thinking their products are ecological.

How do we identify Greenwashing then?

They use marketing-proven tactics such as; ‘Inspired by Nature, Sustainable, Vegan, Organic, Herbal, Pure, Eco-Friendly, Natural ect.

When the reality is, the products contain little to no natural or organic substance. You can rightfully (and most likely without ever getting an economical penalty) call a product “green”.

Use 1% organic/natural ingredients in cosmetics: Businesses can call it Herbal, Natural, Organic, vegan etc.

They can use harsh chemicals and wash the bamboo out of bamboo and call it made from nature, made of bamboo, plant-based, a natural product, vegan, made of trees, etc.

Or one of my favorites, using vegan about plastic products. There has never been any animal-related thing in plastics in the first place.

A lot of businesses also use STANDARD market certifications and say “Ethically produced” or sustainable manufacturing.

Use 5% recycled materials in products or packaging: Businesses call it “sustainable”.

A business that extracts oil from the ground boils it, and makes it into plastic can even be considered a “sustainable company” because a business with a solid cashflow can be called a sustainable business, which will not be a lie, it’s just how you interpret “sustainable”

You don’t even have to use anything recycled, just put this logo on:

Don’t believe me? Look at the bottom of any Plastic container. The Plastic Industry is required to tell what Plastic they have used for every closed-container product, which is why you can find the information hidden at the bottom of every plastic bottle, box etc.

And where exactly do they hide it? – In the center of the globally considered logo for recycling/sustainability ♺  and do they have a recycling program? Generally no.
In Denmark, we luckily do for PET bottles, but plastic is used in so many things and most do NOT have a recycling program for the products.

The sad story is, it’s a globally adopted trend because, well, capitalism works and so do marketing and branding.


The problem with Greenwashing

It’s the exact same words ACTUALLY Green initiative business use. That is why the picture of this post illustrates it will. It is a paint coat to make up an illusion. No production or product is green because it takes resources and materials to produce a product, don’t let scamming businesses fool you to think otherwise.

LAST-X: Although our products are designed to last a lifetime, this doesn’t make them green or sustainable and I will never lie to you about it, our products are just a MUCH MUCH BETTER alternative to single-use.

We do not mislead ourselves or claim that our products are sustainable, they are just a better choice if you care for our planet and your family. Because we give more back to our environment than any competitors we can find.

The Sustainable and Part Of The Solution Movement, is that we take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for our negative impact by committing to an even Greater Positive Impact. Because we believe it’s the ONLY Right thing to do.

The tragedy is, it’s a deep and messy research process to unveil if a product/company is a Green painted crap or a step in the right direction.

One easy answer to know how you avoid buying a greenwashed thing: You look for companies that take responsibility and are committed to giving more back to mother nature than we take, after all, it is Our Home!


With love,
The Revolutionaries♥