The Lack of Moral Format in Society


Moral & ethics

As stated in “are businessmen criminals” putting Money before People or profit before the Planet is a crime against humanity, human morals, and ethics.


Shady Mass Polluting Companies

We resent companies for doing like Nestle or Coca-Cola etc. which time and time again has proven to f*ck humanity over to maximize profits.

But we might think those are terrible companies or a plague to humanity, but you know what?

The people at the top of those companies are… Human Beings.


The mirror we don’t want to look in but we/our planet needs.

Which means, they have the same traits every other human being has. Their behaviors just get displayed on a large scale whereas the average human being’s behavior doesn’t.

This means everyday people don’t get called out when they are acting like a money-hungry corporation.

Spoiler alert: Most People Do!

We know full well that money is essential to increase our living standards, so most of us buy things where we increase our profit by making the price tag the most important factor for our purchases.

Why do you think we run discounts although we have low-profit margins? Because it works! The deciding factor for Most People is price. People maximize their own profit wherever we can. I’m not saying it’s unfair, I’m a deal-hunter myself, if shady businesses do it, it’s only fair we do it as well, right?

This thinking is exactly why we can’t point fingers at shady businesses, because when we point our fingers at those greedy businesses 3 fingers are pointing back at us.

Sure their greed has a higher impact because it’s causing them to pollute more, use child labor and have a toxic working environment & shitty salaries.

But those at the top who behave like most people (maximizing profits), don’t see the toxic conditions of those mopping the floor with sweat or the pollution going on inside the company or the supply chain, just like you don’t see it! And therefore, no one cares! Except we care for the dollar saved….

If a business makes money selling a product, what do you think the likelihood will be that they suddenly discontinue the product?


The blame game

People point fingers at businesses demanding they take responsibility & businesses point fingers at people saying they just supply the demand in the market and they want to be “green” but people continue to buy the cheap polluting product.

Business is a mirror of our society and vice versa.

So you see my friend, we are f*cked because everybody blames the another and no one takes proper responsibility.
– Except for the incredible people who are not morally bankrupt and support Social Benefit Businesses like LAST-X and other entrepreneurs working hard to push humanity forward.

To drop a trendy word: ↓


Woke people supporting woke businesses.

= The Solution.

The products you buy supports the business behind them and your purchase will accelerate their impact which is either good or bad.
Unfortunately, most businesses have a negative impact, so please choose wisely!
– A prayer from us♥




Straight from the heart with tough love.

With love,
David & Eggsy♥