Our Society Is NOT Designed To Be Sustainable

The world hate change

Believe it or not but this is how our capitalist society is structured – TO AVOID SUSTAINABILITY!..

You are joking, right?

Unfortunately not…

Let me provide you with insight into the MASS Production industry’s sketchy practices…

In 1924 the biggest production companies of lightbulbs in the world united for a meeting about the future of their business/industry.

Because they knew that it was possible to create lightbulbs that would last a lifetime.

This made them concerned for future sales because if they all sold lightbulbs that could last a lifetime, then the production companies couldn’t sell any more lightbulbs in their generation and therefore their business would die.

So all the lightbulb MASS manufacturers made an agreement to shorten the lifespan of a lightbulb – essentially making the product low quality so the business could survive because people had to buy a new lightbulb when the old stopped working.

Before the ‘Phoebus Cartel’ agreement on the standardisation of a 1000-hour lifespan of a lightbulb, there had already been invented a TRULY SUSTAINABLE lightbulb which Still Runs Today more than 120 years later. (See it in the video below)

That lightbulb has lived more than 1 MILLION hours which is over a THOUSAND 1000 times more Sustainable than the agreed upon “standardization.”


Planned Obsolescence – A heavily adopted practics

Luckily we have LED lights now, but this standardization of ‘Planned Obsolescence‘ is a business practice that is unfortunately heavily adopted in many industries and most likely integrated into the product design of a lot of MASS production products.

A similar downgrade in the sustainability and durability of products has happened in products such as vacuum cleaners, cars, iPod, smartphones in general and a lot of products we have on the market today. Even the quality of plastic is getting worse, but more on that here.

They are simply designed to break after using it X amount of times to keep this MASS-production going way beyond what is healthy for OUR PLANET.

No wonder the trash is piling up in developing countries. We try to hide OUR Trash in, but rightfully they have banned the import of our trash one country at a time, which unfortunately leaves the ocean as the biggest dumping place by far.


Video of the 120-year-old Lightbulb and the Planned Obsolescence Practice

This concludes my point that companies operating the capitalistic way are exactly why our world is NOT designed for Sustainability.

Luckily not all follow the capitalistic way of doing business and I hope that one beautiful day in the future we have stopped the need for single-use products and I can retire LAST-X and announce that WE did it – Mission Accomplished. Until then, please don’t support Money Maximizing companies and get your lifetime-designed sustainable single-use alternatives here at 1SHOP