“We promise to commit to our goal of 50% CO2 reduction.”

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Isn’t it Time for ‘We, as a Society’ Demand Big Businesses, Deliver a +Positive Impact on OUR PLANET Instead of Empty Promises about 50% CO2 -reduction in the future.

If we as a Society fail to demand more from the Businesses that shape the World We Live In. Then WE have to pay for the Destruction of OUR PLANET.

We already get pressured to eat less meat, not only “farming” animals but also less fish because the fishing industry practices are unsustainable. Maybe a higher pressure for the usage of public transport is next? Causing to & from work transit time to increase drastically for the everyday man or woman. Or maybe it’s the insect diet they will push on us while they eat premium steaks.

I am not against conscious living at all, if fact I haven’t bought my first car yet and I’m 27 years old.

But if we fail to demand more from Big Businesses, Then It’s On US to reduce our Impact by A LOT to make up for the continuous MASS POLLUTION from Big Businesses.


And our pollution is a drop in the ocean compared to theirs.. When the whole world was on lockdown, global emissions fell by 7%.

I’m not saying every individual shouldn’t focus on reducing their own Environmental Impact, because we should – WE NEED EVERYONE to take RESPONSIBLE ACTION, Especially Pulluting Businesses!

I’m just saying; if we fail to Demand More Climate Action from Big Businesses. Then it’s US who has to carry Their Responsibility.

Imagine how nice it would be if every Business had a Positive Impact & we as a Society didn’t have to restrain ourselves from certain things. Because the consumption of Our Planet’s natural resources was actually sustainable.

But this is far from the case. Instead, we have Big Businesses with Huge Negative Impacts driven by Money Maximization which sacrifices environmental responsibility.

The profit-centric (ego-centric) priority leads to Very Questionable Ethics and Controversial so-called “Corporate Social Responsibility” bypassing.

Let me give you some insight into the Shady Practices of “CSR” Agendas from a Big Money Maximizing Businesses.

When I worked at one of the largest production companies in Denmark, they announced their 2030 plan of 50% CO2 reduction.

At that time I worked at probably the most CO2-polluting production unit the entire company had. And what was their plan for our department to reduce CO2 pollution? Simple, our production unit was set to close in a 2-year time window.

Naturally, production didn’t stop because it was the “skeleton” of their product. Therefore my colleagues and I went to many Out-Sourcing meetings during that period. Here is what I witnessed in those meetings.

We produced heavy components of aluminum and now suppliers in Italy, Hungary & China were about to produce it for us. That’s quite a lot of long-distance transportation of heavy goods – but that’s not all.

When we asked how it was possible to justify the  CO2 cost of transportation to their goal of 50% CO2 reduction, they answered: “Our machinery is so old and outdated that the new manufacturing machinery from our suppliers is much more CO2 efficient.”

There is not much else to do than believe the managers when you are working on the floor, but what we later saw in a photo shocked everyone!

We were occasionally shown pictures of the supplier’s production facility. Especially those with new machinery. But what shocked everyone was 1 picture in particular.

Our old machinery had a smoke filtration system connected on top of every machine because when a spray of water and cleaning chemicals is sprayed onto molding forms which were around 200 degrees Celsius, the water & chemicals evaporated into the air.

But a picture from a supplier in China was absolutely shocking. Where our machinery had individual filtration systems, their entire production floor only had one.

Do you know what their air filtration system was?

Their air filtration system was…

This image was never shown again and the managers promised us that what we saw with our own eyes wasn’t how it actually was.

This is not all, I was later transferred to the ‘next in line’ production facility because of the closing of my original department.

Here they painted the aluminum body through 12 different pools of chemicals and I learned that this process too had to be outsourced to Russia.

So instead of producing it all in one place, they produced it across the globe to be transported to Denmark then quality checked and transported to Russia to get them painted and back to Denmark again.

Does this make sense to you?

It didn’t to me, so one time I bumped into the (former) CEO at the lunch cafeteria.

I asked him “How can this out-sourcing plan be a part of the goal of 50% CO2 reduction?”

His answer: “You would be surprised how little CO2 it costs to transport (Heavy Weight) Goods.”

Quite shocked I said nothing else and thanked him for stopping & answering.

The answer is against everything I’ve ever heard in countless media & Environmental Impact documentaries.

The only answer I could find to ‘how this out-sourcing could help them reach their ‘2030 goal of 50% CO2 reduction’ was because the CO2 emissions weren’t any longer theirs but other companies’ issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility my ass!

Their corporate CSR statement “As the market leader, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to lead the way, therefore we have set an ambitious goal of 50% CO2 reduction before 2030.”

This ain’t just Greenwashing no more, it’s straight-up empty promises & really shady practices.

It’s not illegal according to the law because it’s a loophole in the law, but it’s a crime against good morals, manners, and ethics!

And IT happens EVERYWHERE! 


Coca Cola 2019: “We are committed to our goal of 50% recycled plastic bottles on a global scale” -This is just 1 more empty promise, the video below contains a much darker and deeply troubling fact about the Coca Cola Company’s operations and watch how Coca-Cola attempts to blame The Plastic Pollution Problem on US, The Society.



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