Travel Cutlery with Case

On the move? Travel in style with our stainless steel travel cutlery set, the ultimate eco-friendly substitute for all single-use junk. It comes with a protective silicone carrying case to keep your utensils safe and sanitized on the go. Say goodbye to plastic waste and hello to sustainable fine dining on the go with The LAST Travel Cutlery set.

No more terrible single-use meal-ruining experiences, dine like the divine when you journey through time!

177 kr.

LAST Travel Cutlery Set with Silicone Case

The LAST Travel Cutlery set is made of Stainless Steel so you get the same feeling of quality 'on the go' as you know from home. Why settle for BPA-leaching and other hormone-disrupting substances from a shitty single-use plastic cutlery when you can avoid it? At LAST-X we say a loud NO THANK YOU to single-use junk!

Best of all, it comes in a stylish soft carrying case that makes the 2GO cutlery highly portable and perfect for tossing in your jacket pocket, backpack, or purse. You can even buy two sets of cutlery and get a deal to be on the safe side, so the Travel Cutlery don't end up in the wrong jacket or similar, or to make sure your partner/mate doesn't have a dreadful experience with single-use cutlery as is the case every damn time.

In addition to the increased comfort of having eaten out with proper cutlery, like a civilized person, you can also have a clear conscience. We have removed 1 kg of plastic from the world's oceans / rivers Thanks to You, and every time you use it, you're saving the world from more waste. It's win-win-win all around!

It should be enjoyable to be on-the-go and refuel with a proper meal, so you don't encounter unpleasant experiences like a broken fork, a knife that breaks while cutting a sausage, or accidentally eating the fork's "tooth"...
I've been there, and I never want to go back!

You'll be quickly on-the-go again without any hassle, either wipe the stainless steel travel cutlery clean with sanitizer or simply toss it in the dishwasher when you get home. Then it's ready for your next adventure! The Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set is always at your fingertips. Every time, everywhere.

You'll love it for the feeling of exclusivity it gives you on the go and the satisfaction of avoiding single-use junk while giving you a clean eco-friendly conscious. While also giving you a sense of pride of being a Part Of The Solution.

The 1 kg of plastic we remove from the world's oceans and rivers Thanks 2 You is just an extra cherry on top!

The core value of LAST-X is to give back more than we take because, in my view, any other form of mining our planet's resources for manufacturing products is just a cynical enterprise if the business just takes without ever giving back.

LAST-X is a Roar to the world: NO THANK YOU to cynical self-centered corporations, and a big NO THANK YOU to running a business like in the 19th century.

If you vote for us with your wallet, Our Roar will only get louder as we stand Together in a Revolution! - At the same time, you get all the excellent benefits mentioned above 😉 What are you waiting for? Join the Good Fight!

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Weight 0,250 kg
Dimensions 15 × 1,5 cm

Sea Blue – Brushed, Soft Purple – Polished

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