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The Essential Eco Living Couple to the fast-paced modern life. A meal-to-go often comes with a lot of plastic which we all know is an issue. While single-use is easy, it’s always a terrible experience to eat with and something that always leaves a little mark on one’s own Green Heart.

Let’s make plastic a thing of the past, so we can keep a clean heart, knowing that we are doing our part.

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Introducing the Ultimate Eco Living Couple: Thermo Water Bottle and Travel Cutlery with Case

Upgrade your Eco Living Lifestyle with our revolutionary Better 4 The Planet products, designed for the caring individual with a Green Heart. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and style with our Thermo Water Bottle and Travel Cutlery Set, brought to you by LAST-X, the unrivaled brand in Pushing Sustainable Solutions.

Thermo Water Bottle: Your Lifetime Companion

Say Goodbye to ordinary water bottles and say hello to the Thermo Water Bottle - your ultimate hydration companion. Crafted with a durable stainless steel core, this bottle is built to withstand the test of time. Its exceptional toughness guarantees a lifetime of reliable use.

The Thermo Water Bottle has a minimalist design that seamlessly combines aesthetics and practicality. It's at the top of a truly functional and stylish water bottle available in the market. With its thermal insulation, this bottle keeps your beverages cool for up to 24 hours, ensuring refreshing hydration even during the hottest summer days. Unlike plastic bottles that leave a terrible taste, our Thermo Water Bottle preserves the natural flavors of your drink, giving you a pure and enjoyable sip every time.

Not limited to cooling, this versatile bottle can also keep your hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours, allowing you to camp out in the forest over night and still get your hot drink in the morning. And for added convenience, we offer a Sports Cap accessory, expanding the bottle's versatility to suit any activity.

Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, the Thermo Water Bottle features a durable carrying handle. Whether you're short on bag space or prefer easy accessibility, the handle allows you to clip it on with a carabiner or similar attachments if necessary. This bottle is engineered to endure any challenge that comes your way. In fact, we are so confident in its durability that if, by some rare chance, it doesn't meet your expectations, we'll provide give you a new bottle for free.

Make your Thermo Water Bottle truly unique by taking advantage of our engraving service. Personalize it to reflect your individuality and make a bold statement about your commitment to a sustainable future.

Plastic is a thing of the past, and by purchasing your LAST Thermo Water Bottle today, you're not only making a positive change in your own life but also contributing to the removal of 1 kg of plastic from our precious oceans. Our core value at LAST-X is to give back more than we take, ensuring a better future for our Home, Planet Earth. By supporting us, you join the Part Of The Solution Movement, becoming a Champion 4 Change and playing a crucial role in our collective efforts to revolutionize the outdated business practices of the 19th century.

LAST Travel Cutlery set: Embrace On-The-Go Elegance

Say farewell to always terrible single-use junk cutlery and embrace the LAST Travel Cutlery Set. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this set offers the same level of quality you know and love from home. At LAST-X, we strongly believe in saying NO THANK YOU to any single-use junk that harms our environment.

Packaged in a stylish and soft silicone carrying case, our Travel Cutlery Set is exceptionally portable, perfect for slipping into your jacket pocket, backpack, or purse. For added convenience, we even offer a special deal on purchasing two sets, ensuring that you and your partner or mate never have to experience the dread of single-use cutlery again.

Indulge in the comfort of dining out like a civilized human being while maintaining a clear conscience. With our Travel Cutlery Set, you're not only enjoying a satisfying meal on-the-go but also actively contributing to waste reduction. By choosing reusable cutlery, you help remove 1 kg of plastic from the world's oceans and rivers, making a positive impact with every use.

Cleaning your stainless steel travel cutlery is a breeze. Simply wipe it clean with sanitizer on-the-go or toss it in the dishwasher when you return home. It's always ready for your next adventure, ensuring that you can enjoy a superior dining experience anywhere, anytime.

With our Travel Cutlery Set, you'll relish the feeling of exclusivity while enjoying the satisfaction of avoiding single-use waste. Feel proud to be a Part Of The Solution, knowing that every time you use your LAST Travel Cutlery Set, you're making a difference.

Join our Roar against self-centered corporations and outdated 19th-century business practices. By supporting LAST-X, you become an integral part of our Revolution, amplifying our collective voice for change. Experience the excellent benefits and the sense of pride that comes with making a conscious choice for a better world. The time to join the good fight is now. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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