When the Oppressed are Brave enough to Stand Up to the oppressor to Fight 4 Justice.

Chain of Command,
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King Arthur & The Round Table.

David A, The Green Hearted Altruist

David is our Climate Activist & Outdoor Adventurer, his love for the only true paradise we have, Mother Nature, causes him to sacrifice his own safety 4 what he loves.

His devotion to Fight for a Cleaner & Greener Future comes from a broken green heart that ignited his passion to Serve, Protect and Preserve Mother Nature (The Only Home we have) & The Animal Kingdom.

This is why we use at least 5% of our sales to fund & Champion Green Organisations (non-profits).

This is far beyond Climate Neutral & that’s exactly the point!
Why stop at neutral impact when we clearly need to Regrow Nature.

At least 5% is only the start, our aim is double digits xx%

– What is Right; is Right, even if nobody else is doing it.

Michael, The Cashflow Keeper

Look, I’m fully aware that green means clean & we don’t produce locally

But I think we have to acknowledge that people can barely mention 3 nationally known brands that produce locally.

90% of products sold today are produced in China, because it’s more sustainable for a business. (if you leave out clothing & food)

“Those who love peace & harmony have to organize as well as those who love war” otherwise we can’t compete.

It’s a sustainable business model, because it has stood the test of time. We have to get our hands dirty to organize as well as those who love war with nature.

Getting our hands dirty 2 give The Sustainable Revolution Rocket Fuel.
This is why we give back more than we take & Much More than any other company.

Polluting Industry has been trying to silence People by pushing the “you can’t be a climate activist because you have a carbon footprint as well”.

They are the ones who should lead by example. After all, you were not invited to decide how they should produce their products. So they are essentially just doing this to shut you up by creating an impossible standard before you are allowed to speak. Don’t let them silence you!

We have created a Social Benefit Business, an organization that gives 5% of sales (not what is left after expenses, salaries & taxes are paid) to Regrow Our Home(Nature) every yearly quarter.

Champion 4 Change

Rasmus, The People’s Marketeer

He is the face of LAST-X, Our Movement, and the Voice 4 Change representing your values. He is driven to grow the Part Of The Solution / Sustainable Revolution to accelerate change in Society’s Buying Options & how Businesses Operate. Change towards a more Sustainable Way of Living as a Society & and a Full-Responsibility approach 2 Business.

By challenging the way businesses operate today & by providing you with more buying opportunities to fit your values which represent your Green Heart.

“Everything that we buy as individuals is a vote for which businesses we would like to “make a future with” – The demand for a healthy future 4 All is that we as individuals choose wisely which businesses we support.

I was dissatisfied with the opportunities I had. I was like: No! I do not need your lame “same product in different packaging” excuse to fill your own pocket. I need (our planet needs) products that solve real world problems & businesses that genuinely matter. Unsatisfied with my choices I created LAST-X (More SBB’s like it will come as we grow).

Things to know about Rasmus: I don’t do marketing to make sales, I am a Voice to Make Change Happen.
I only offer symbols for what I believe in, to people with similar values & a wish to co-creating a Sustainable Revolution.
– Let your values guide your actions.

Eggsy, The Pragmatic Rebel & Undercover Agent

He is our spy in The World of Big Business. He is doing the dirty job to acquire capital from these Big Businesses to fund his version (A Social Benefit Bizz) of a more beneficial way of doing business because “If a business doesn’t benefit our planet, money has corrupted your morals.

Eggsy knows this from a Real World Experience because much of his working experience comes from Blue Collar jobs in huge corporations. He saw in person how industry-leading companies promoted their “market-leading” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR the version before ESG) agenda until the reality later revealed itself – They were a Part Of The PROBLEM! This fuelled his desire to speak UP!

He’s a whistleblower for Big Business’s Shady Practices and goes undercover to reveal them.

He is the ally behind “enemy” lines. He has worked in 1 of the Largest Production Companies in Denmark with around 18.000 people employed and Scandinavia’s Biggest Import & Export Logistic Center for Consumer Products with 15.000 different products.

Shady Business Practices don’t only happen overseas – it happens everywhere! It is dominantly present in large companies whose only goal is to maximize profit & shareholder value.

Dirty Jobs
High Warehouse
Rebel with a cause

Arthim, The Righteousness Crusader & Protagonist

“Some say doing business is war. If you want to live, you’ve got to Fight 2 Survive.”

Im going to take this a step further.

This is SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Emotional bankrupted souls that have sold themselves out to the Enemy blinded by the spell of money.

Those who feel Superior 2 other people (Taking everything they can because they are Greedy Bastards) VS. Those who Know Love & Generosity is the Only Superior Force in This Universe.

“But money is the purpose of a business” they say.

What a Pathetic Excuse!

A business is made up by people, right?

Then the business becomes a spiritual entity reflecting the spirit of the management.

Today’s Capitalism is a Disgrace 4 The Human Race. A game were the most greedy wins.

This can ONLY summon a sick spirit our civilization is created by.

This spirit is choking OUR Mother who breathes US life, and it fucking crushes my heart. All of these 50 years+ psychopathic kids.

I’m Fucking FURIOUS!

This rage fuels my crusade to show them how hard Tough Love can Hit. It’s meant to destroy their FAKE! “heart” or their wallet – whichever comes first, is probably the same anyway.

I’m the Tip of the Spear & every one of YOU reading this, decide how much Punching Power WE have.

“The True Revolutionary is Guided by Great Feelings of Love” – Che Guevara

You? The Green Hearted Champion 4 Change

We will not see the light of a brighter tomorrow before we decide to take matters into our own hands.

Most people know the popular opinion to have and the right thing to say, but if you’re only saying the right thing without doing the right thing, then you display similar shady behaviour as businesses that are Green Washing & that is a huge part of the problem.

We can’t talk our way into a better tomorrow.

A True Champion Knows This.

A True Champion 4 Change is someone who lets their actions speak for them. Lets their values guide their actions.

The world will be a better place because of people who realize that good intentions without action is only acting intelligent. Smart people know that action is the real measure of intelligence. The only one you fool with your good intentions is you & the people you love.

A Green Hearted Champion goes the way, shows the way, and lead by example to inspire others & to inspire change.
They are a vital #PartOfTheSolution

Are you a Champion 4 Change? Or a part of the problem?..


The True Revolutionary is Guided by Great Feelings of Love

– Che Guevara

The Revolution needs you

It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do: That defines you.

– Said Rachel to Bruce.
Batman Begins