Why I chose to build LAST-X with a Holding Company Structure

Those who love peace must learn to organize as well as those who love war

If I want to be a force for change, I have to secure security for the vehicle that allows me to be a growing factor for change.
Change both in the way businesses are run and the way we provide either a problem or a solution for humanity and Our Home. And if Our Planet Wins, we all win. The opposite of this statement is also true; if OUR Planet loses, we all lose.


I want LAST-X to be a Movement for Change in how businesses are carrying their Corporate Social Responsibility and  A Factor in Changing Consumer Buying Habits.

Because as A Consumer, I think, that with every purchase I make I consciously or unconsciously make a vote for the Seller’s business to keep operating on OUR Planet, and if the Planet is taking a beating, then we’re losing. Collectively. Me, you, siblings, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. We All Lose.


But Idealism without cash flow/”a vehicle” for Change is just a naive hope. Money is what allows a business to keep operating, therefore we have to choose wisely with the companies we support through Our Buying Habits.


Risk mitigation

The best way for me to secure staying a Factor for Change in Consumer Buying Habits and Being a Part Of The Solution to Plastic Pollution is to reduce the risk of something external ripping OUR Vehicle For Change into pieces.

Being a Force for Change for the Better will insult and offend 19th century businesses

They might resent the Activism and Movement for Change if that means their business is going to die if they do not change. But That Is What Change Demands.

Giving up on the old ways to create something more beneficial & positive for our society, which is YOU & I.

But those who hold their wealth in higher regard than the benefit of Society/Planet(US♥), will fight to stay alive and keep their wealth.

…And what better way to do that than firing bullets at the new player in town… Business is brutal.

If the Movement for Change (which LAST-X is a vehicle for) is strong-armed into folding, it would be a loss for humanity’s movement forward on the Plastic Pollution front.

Therefore, creating LAST-X with a Holding Company structure is trying to reduce the risk of getting tackled by giants.

This is what I believe to be necessary for reassuring The Growing Demand for Change will have a vehicle for change!
The Movement To Be a Part Of The Solution.