Hard Truths

My hypothesis, the more you look the more the truth validifies itself.

  • Right now Government & Democracies around the world is teaching us, that no one is coming to save you(us), not even the institutions we pay for that are built in the name of “Protecting The People.”


  • A father’s job is not to save you every time, at some point he has to let you figure out how to save yourself to prepare you for when he is not around.


  • Whether you hate that truth or not is redundant, because it is precisely what we need unfortunately and we have to be grateful for that if we want LOVE to be Victorious.


  • Love didn’t promise to be harmless, it just promises to be worth it.


  • The Soul will never lie to you, only your mind plays these tricks.


  • When God is dead we start to worship a local alternative – The Ego. Ego is the one convincing you that you are better than others and therefore it is okay to be greedy.
    When we worship the local alternative, we fight with each other directly or indirectly.
    – Worshipping the local alternative makes self illusion possible.


  • No matter what rationalization you use to escape making a decision, the fact is that who you choose to support with your actions will either be a Part Of The Solution or a part of the problem.


  • The more you question what is true, the closer you will get to the Truth.


  • Believing that better is possible, makes better possible. The same way believing in God makes God Real.


  • You should not relay on anyone’s decision about truth, go look for it yourself.


  • If you look for beauty in fictive stories of any religious book, the beauty becomes real to you and the stories become a profound message that is more than just fiction.


  • If you demand answers by continuously looking for them and your entire body down to the bones long for answers, they will appear.


  • There is no such thing as asking too many times, but there is such thing as asking insincerely.