People’s Sensitive “Dick Skin” Around Their Heart

Real Love is Tough Love

Non-BiblicalLet’s use Logic:

Let’s say you have a child. The Child is behaving in an unethical way & self-sabotaging way.

Let’s say: Lying to escape taking responsibility & doing something self-sabotaging instead.

If you as a parent want the best thing for your child, wouldn’t you then teach your child a lesson your child will never forget so he/she never self-sabotages like this again because it’s painful 4 you to watch.

I’m not suggesting physicality, but wouldn’t it be a lesson of love if you made your child realize that what your child was doing is not okay?

How you go about teaching your child that lesson is not the discussion here, but assuming your child is rebellious & won’t listen to your kind suggestion by logical & loving advice.

It surely wouldn’t be kind to ignore your child’s self-destructive behavior right?

So somehow you teach your child a lesson and he/she never does this behavior again & your child’s life gets better.

Tough Love is Love because it breaks your child’s path to self-destructive misery & sets your child free from the bad habit.

It may hurt emotionally but you would as a parent have avoided your child becoming a junkie 2 a bad habit.

Which there is a great probability your child will thank you for.

There you go, no bible needed – but the same conclusion achieved.


What Is Holding Most People Back

What I Believe:

Any Criticism (No Matter The Tone) is just Feedback & Feedback Helps Me See what I Can’t See Myself.

My Hypothesis:

Most People Have Sensitive Dick Skin Around Their Heart & If You Touches Their Heart Just A Little With What You Say, Their Dick Skin Become Hard For A Hot Moment.

Imagine This Scenario:

Friend, I Love You, This Is Why I Have Got To Tell You Something That You Don’t Want To Hear, but I’m Going To Tell You It Anyway Because I Want The Best For You. I See Something About You That Is In Your Blind spot (We All Have Blind Spots).

What I See Is An Issue 4 You.
– If You Want To Go 2 The Next Level In Consciousness & Achieve a Deeply Meaningful Life.

That is Why I Lovingly Tell You That: What You Are Doing Is Not Working 4 You.

Their Dickskin Around Their Heart Become Hard & Now You Can’t Communicate With Them Anymore, Because Their Mind Is Closed & Their Dick Skin Is Hard, So They Can’t Even Listen 2 Logic & Feedback.

So If You Want The Best Thing 4 Them, You Now Have To Break Their Hard Stonelike Armor Around Their Heart 2 Crack It Open.
So They Can Listen 2 Their True Soul’s Heart & Not Their Emotions Hot Moment “Emotional Weather”.

That Is Why The Saying Goes “God Breaks Your Heart 2 Free Your Soul.”

But When Your Friends Dick Skin Around Their Heart Is Stiff & Hard, They Are Closed Off 2 Their True Heart.
– You Can Call This The Heart Of Their Soul or Their “I Want What Is Best 4 Me Even If It’s A Bit Hurtful 2 Hear, Because I Want 2 Know What Is In My Blind-spot So I Can Be Improve By Knowing” Kind of Heart.

But Most People With Dick Skin Around Their Heart Imprison Their Own Soul, Because Life Sends Them A Tough Love Lesson That Touches Their Heart.

It Could Be A Break-up.

It Could Be Financial Rock Bottom etc. etc.

Then Their Autonomous Nervesystem Makes Them Hard & Closed Off 2 The Lesson & The Blessing In The Pain.

They Say Things Like “It’s Unfair & Unjust” – You know, Victim Mentality By Denying Their Own Part In It – Escaping Responsibility 4 Their Own Actions.


Now I Know Most People Have Dick Skin Around Their Heart, But I Don’t Want Us 2 Be Enemies. I Don’t Know You So I’m Doing This As A Question So You Can Give Yourself Tough Love.

I Have 3 (Should Be Harmless) Questions for You.

1) Do You Know The Purpose/Dream Planted DEEP Within You?

2) Do You Know What A Meaningful Life Would Look Like 4 You? (The Beautiful Thing About Life Is What You Define As Meaningful & Fulfilling Is Unique 2 You – You’re Unique, Special & You’re Worthy Of It).

3) If you Don’t Know The Answer To The First 2, Do You Know Yourself Then?

Forgive Me 4 Asking You 3 (Harmless) Questions – That You Clicked On 2 Read!

How Much You Exercise Tough Love On Yourself, Determines Your Capacity To Love Deeply/Truly.

– What Mentality Do You Think The Voice “I Don’t Need 2 Know” Comes From?


You Watch This Message because You Clicked “I’m Strong”

Don’t Be Mad At Me, I Just Gave You An Opportunity 2 Show Yourself How Strong You Are, Because No one Becomes Strong Without Challenges In Life.

Life Does’t Give You What You Say You Want, Life Gives You An Oppertunity 2 Show The Universe That You Are Who You Say You Are By ACTING Out Your Words.

After All, God/The Universe Doesn’t Take Your Orders Without Your ACTIONS 2 Show That What You Ask Of Is Sincere, Authentic & Genuine.

Don’t Be Mad 4 These 2 Reasons:

– Everyone Fails at ‘Level 1 of Consciousness’, The Faster You Admit Failure – The Faster You Learn From It & Get To ‘Level 2 of Consciousness’ with Limitless Upside Because Then You Understand “Oh I Cannot Do This Thing Called Life Alone, I Have To Listen To People Who See Things I Don’t See & People Who Ask Challenging Questions Although It’s Painful Sometime (4 A Short Period)”

– Everyone Can Become Succesfull By Their Own Definition & Achieve Their Dreams (if their Dreams Come From The Right Place). The Formula Is Simple Make Your Why & Vision Bigger Than The Toughness Of The Challenge.

    Why + Vision > (Bigger than) Friction

    Figure Out How You Make this Equation True In Your Life.

    And The Funny Thing is, You Don’t Even Have 2 Quit Your Job or Make Any Changes 2 Discover Your Why & Your Vision. You Can Do It From Your Comfort-Zone of Your Own Home – You Just Have 2 Follow The White Rabbit Of Your Curiosity & Interests.

    When The Why & Vision Is Strong Enough, Then You Can Overcome Any Changes With Minimum Friction.

    Now You Know.

    I think Bruce Lee said it Best, you know the Action Movie Martial Arts Star who died because of a swollen brain after a meditation.

    “Like everyone else, you want to learn the way to win, but never to accept the way to lose, to admit defeat. To learn to die is to be liberated from it(defeat). So when tomorrow comes, you must free your ambitious mind and learn the art of dying.”

    Because if you never admit defeat, you will forever be stuck in a losing game (level 1 of consciousness).

    Admitting: “oh, I made a mistake here” will give you the opportunity to learn from it.

    You can never learn from a mistake if you deny it.

    Denying responsibility 4 your own actions keeps you at level 1 of consciousness.

    So don’t get carried away when your brain is emotionally hi-jacked “Emotional Weather / Closed of Heart”.

    Listen 2 the Feedback from the Community that will lead you to level 2 of consciousness.

    That is why All Self-made people admits to have hit “Rock bottom” at some point in their life.

    When you do, you die to your level 1 (prior to Rock Bottom you) & and you write a new Chapter in your book at Level 2 where you have unlimited options in life.

    Because You Found The Blessing In The Tough Painful Lesson.

    Listen 2 your Soul’s Heart & Never Let Your Heart’s Dick Skin Emotionally Hi-jack Your Brain While Closing Of Your Heart.

    Because Otherwise You Will Never Get To Level 2 of Consciousness – The Self-Made Dreams Become Reality Level.

     Do The Most Loving Thing 2 Yourself & Let Life Break Your Dick Skin Heart So The Old You Can Die.

    Because If You Cannot Die – You Cannot Be Reborn.

    If You Cannot Die, You Are Stuck At Level 1 Where Everybody Loses But Not Everyone Stays.


    Either Life Breaks Your Heart (Dick Skin Heart) Or Imprison Your Soul.

    – Only 1 Of Them Is Slowly Choked 2 Death.

    I want You 2 Succeed, That Is Why I Tell You.

    With True Love, Always