Uncovering The Structure of Our Society


Don’t shoot the messenger, shoot the message if you disagree.

We are all humans and especially under stress it’s easier to make mistakes.

But this is a collection of independent Champions 4 Change that has carefully laid out their in-depth & detailed observations.

I’m just presenting you these messages because I think you deserve the right to know what is going on in Our Civilization & decide for yourself based on what you don’t hear in the 19th-century media.

For Humanity to Thrive it requires the distribution of insightful knowledge.

What is True: Matters more Now than ever.

Indulge in satisfying your curiosity, please.

Let’s see if we come to the same conclusion.


Has The Thesis of Democracy Been Captured?

Our impact in a monumental perspective
Plastic Pollution scale in 4 min
Empathy becomes possible when we see it through their eyes
The 6 massive tipping points and which is already in process
The outrageous weather temperatures measured this summer. Scientists say 99% certainty for new heat records next 5 years
The Scary Reality Of Corporate Takeover..!
What is her critique this time to the world leaders?
Do you think polluting businesses benefit from looking green?
This US presidential candidate is anti-capitalistic, no wonder you haven’t heard about him.
We can stop deforestation but we can’t stop this without radical action!
Dear future generation: Sorry we denied the truth for so long!
The never-ending overconsumption makes us empty inside. What matters to you? Do that or join it♥

Deep State Exposé

If Nature could make a status update. This is it!
Green on the outside, Greed on the inside. The 2faced playbook used by The Biggest Plastic Bottle Manufacturer, Coca-Cola


Profit-centric = egocentric.
Documented corporate narcissism. They win = everyone else loses.
(Free version)
Evidence upon evidence + inside whistleblower from Exxon Oli Giant
Plastic is branded “Recyclable” – but how much actually gets recycled? The problem in detail
Carbon Dioxide’s Impact on Vital Ocean Life and Its Surprisingly large impact on Humanity


Honorable whistleblowers: Edward Snowden | Julian Assange | Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


19th Century Media Propaganda Documented

Are all the money invested in alternative fuel paying off or just sounding good?
One of the most polluting people compared to a Polluting Corporation.
A journalistic search for answers to 100 Green Promises by Mass Polluters
When profit $ is the #1 priority – Magnates Media
This happens when there is no woman on the board of directors. Men become predators
When Businesses is geared toward maximum exploitation instead of maximum well-being, it destroys our society

War: The horrible cycle of taking your tax payed money to fund the Military Industrial Complex & slaughter your brothers & sisters who you haven’t met.


A look at the social climate about global warming and how to move forward
How the doom mentality is giving up hope, disregard of solutions & unscientific extremism
Spirituality is a survival code for an anxiety-manufacturing world.
A belief in better makes better possible!


No matter the size of the service, a culture of service is the bedrock of a sustainable and harmonious Society.

Questions and answers

Why is Michael Moore's 'Planet of The Humans' not featured?

Although valuable this documentary is designed to make reality appear unnecessarily dark and hopeless, which we are against. We need to be factual.

Example of a twist:

“Cars use aluminum which is 8 times more polluting than steel”

Yes, but steel is 2.89 times heavier than aluminum. So 1-time manufacturing is 8 times more polluting, yes, but it’s better than using 2.89x more fuel/diesel to run your car in the 10-ish years you use the car.

(This is an oversimplification because your car is not made of 100% metal etc. but the fuel usage is still a lot higher if your car was made of steel)

The documentary doesn’t take into account as well, that any innovations require experimentation and iterations. If we want to find an alternative energy source, it’s naive to think that the first time will be so perfect it didn’t need to be developed further.

But of cause the documentary also has valuable & valid points like how Beyond Coal is simply switching out coal for a green-sounding alternative without caring about whether it actually is a cleaner alternative, which scientists say it is not when everything is taken into account.

It is a valuable documentary, but my goal is not to terrify people beyond facts. My goal is to promote facts that doesn’t wear make-up.

Are the videos 3rd party substantiated?

I am not a fact-checker that never makes a mistake. I’m simply a critical thinker that likes to investigate vulnerabilities and insufficiencies because if we want to have the best chance of making it right, we need to pay attention to everything that causes concern or doubt and investigate it properly.

The content is carefully chosen through critical thinking, but my critical thinking is limited. I promote these because I think there is sufficient evidence for further investigation and a rethinking of current models to make better decisions with a higher probability of making better choices.

What is the relationship between creators & LAST-X? + formalities

None of these videos featured are partners or sponsors, they have simply generated a video documenting their concern and made it public.

The features do not exist to benefit LAST-X, they exist on this page to benefit society by showing the nuances you don’t hear about from traditional media corporations.

We believe in empowering our Society with the information corporations don’t want you to know about.
LAST-X is a Social Benefit Business that puts Social Benefits before Business and profits.

Monetization: All videos shown on this page are embedded YouTube videos. All view count, engagement, and video revenue go directly to the original creator.

Concerned? We would love your participation in the conversation♥

Feedback, recommendations, or overlooked points?

Your thoughts or reaction are also greatly appreciated. The more we talk about this the better

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